Sunday, August 10, 2008


Coldplay is one of the only "new" artist/bands that I like listening to.  I have resisted this band for years and years, but only the past week I have started to put their albums on....they are much more than just their hit grammy award winning song "Clocks"   All four albums of theirs are solid.  The best one is "A Rush of Blood to the Head" and the latest one "Viva La Vida"  The band has a nice, interesting, pleasant sound.


Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

I have no idea who "Coldplay" is. But to more important business. You left Beagle off your poll.

Brett said...

Hard to believe you are just discovering Coldplay. I have been listening to them for a couple years and you are always more in the loop than I am. Now we need to do something with Nowlin - he thinks they sound screechy and whiny. By the way - Happy Birthday Mark!