Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Enough with the Miners!!!!!

Last night at the Kings game the PA announcer made an announcement and they showed live footage on CNN of the miner rescue in Chile. The last time I was at a sporting event and a news announcement was made was in 1990 at the LA Colisseusm during a Raider Game (Operation Desert Storm)

I understand that this is a sort of uplifting story. What I do not understand is the crazy coverage of it..especially on my twitter feeds @breakingnews and @cnnbrk Why do they have to make an announcement about every single specific miner???? And why did they interrupt the Delware Senate debate on CNN for BREAKING NEWS another miner is out?

####Breaking news###as I write this blog..miner number 17 is out..his favorite color is blue, he likes long walks in the rain, and he is now happily reunited with his wife...please stay tuned as we break in to another of your programs to bring you ####Miner 18! And it looks like they have lowered a monkey down carrying a cheese sandwich to the rest of them. Or maybe 12 monkeys!!!