Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Memeplex

It is fascinating how new language and colloquialisms evolve in our everyday language. Every day hundreds of thousands of new sayings mannerisms and quirks are introduced into our culture where they fight for survival with only a few winners. These are most often introduced by pop culture icons like Snoop Dogg (fo shizzle) and popular shows like SNL. Richard Dawkins coined the term "meme plex" which is a slant on RNA replicators that repeat random genetic mutations, but in this cases the Memes are humans who repeat sayings to people we encounter. Andy Samberg did a funny skit on SNL with the punchline "I threw it on the ground!" this could have been the next big saying in america if enough people would have repeated it (an example of one that failed) One that didn't fail is "I feel your pain" by ole Slick. In some cases sayings can come not from mass media but from the population itself...who came up with "Don't go there" or "booyaa" (maybe that came from hip hop I don't know)

It is also interesting to take it to the micro level: Enter Corporate speak and enter church social groups. I have noticed that in my current job more then a few people have been saying the term "skin in the game" as one example, and if you have ever worked in corporate America you can probably think about a few of the ones in your job...but I skip to my favorite and that is my Intervarsity Christian fellowship days at Chico CA. I was part of the "Leadership Team" here are some phrases everyone used: "Being intentional with people" this is code for making a sincere effort to spend time with someone that one does not want to spend time with.
"It's hard, but it's good" was a classic for people to fall back on when they would have trouble verbalizing some of the pitfalls of taking up ones own cross and following Jesus. When I went to Chico every No Cal person would casually drop the term "Hella" as in "dude hella cool" That term stayed up there and never migrated...who came up with Hella? BTW Hella is synonym for 'very'.

Sports teams are another example but all I can remember from my days of playing organized water sports are Yugoslavian curse words...

Monday, October 26, 2009

The U2 Concert

(A view of the amazing stage setup before the concert began)

They sold out the Rosebowl in about 2 hours and there were no empty seats that I could see, including the entire floor area. U2 constructed a stage that was the best stage ever implemented in a concert setting..dubbed the "spaceship" or the "claw" it was so massive that it stopped me in my tracks when I entered the stadium. Adorned with state of the art video and lighting equipment, it allowed everyone in the audience a 360 degree view of the goings on of the concert.

The Blackeyed Peas were the perfect opening band to set the stage for what was to happen, with their funkadelic, hip hop, techno party music. The highlight was a suprise appearance by Slash who played "Sweet Child O Mine" with Fergie at the lead vocals doing her best Axl Rose imiation. They closed with their hit song with the chorus...Tonights gonna be a good, good night!

And then U2 came out and played a 2 hour and 20 minute show. Flawlessly executing all of their iconic songs I got excited and jumped up and down for "Where the Streets have no Name" And Bono allowed the audience to sing parts of "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" which I did as loud as I could. Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. have been together since the late 70's as teenagers, they have never been broken up, and none of them has ever released a solo album. Bono was playfully teasing his bandmates and himself. With any U2 concert you know there is gonna be some political part of it, but this one was the most heartfelt and meaningful I have seen. They dedicated a song to a woman in Burma that has been held as political prisoner for 20 years and it made me think of how amazingly lucky everyone at the RoseBowl was to have the freedom to enjoy this great concert. For the encore Bono wore a "laser embedded suit" that had red lasers coming out of the suit itself. (He was one upping himself from the Zoo TV tour where he wore the mirrored jacket.) At the end Bono appreciatively thanked the audience for giving the four of them an amazing life.

I said quietly "Thanks for giving us such amazing songs"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Deja Vu all over again

Well it was a great season. A really, really fun season to be a Dodger Fan. I am disappointed that it had to end again virtually the exact same way it did last season, but it was a fun ride. Including post season play I would estimate that I attended about 35 Dodger games this year and am very lucky that I got to go to so many. I saw the O Dawg become the first Dodger to hit for the cycle in 30 plus years...I was at the Manny grandslam game on his own bobblehead night against the Reds. I witnessed the improbable comeback in game 2 of the NLDS against the Cardinals. I was there to see enjoy Brad Penny melt down in September, I saw Andre Eithier and Matt Kemp become stars. Matt and I enjoyed quite a bit this season. Going forward I feel like the Dodgers have an excellent chance to make it to the postseason for at least the next four straight years. They have an outstanding nucleus in Kemp, Eithier, Loney, Martin, Kershaw, Billingsley (if he can get his head straight) Broxton, etc.
The only thing I fear that can hurt the franchise potentially is the McCourt divorce. Oh well, we will wait and see....So ladies and gentleman, until March in Camelback Ranch, I wish everyone a very pleasant good evening..."Good Night Everybody!"

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our newest Family member

Ladies and gentleman...we have a new dog who we are renaming "Raven" We got her from a very old high school friend on Facebook..since she is so new I am posting two pictures of her that her previous owners took..one when she was a puppy and one recently...Tasha's FB also has some blurry pictures from last night....I am off to Vegas...until Tuesday.Tasha's blog will have better stuff on Raven soon.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Phillies take game one thanks to George Sherrill

It wasn't Sherrils night tonight as he gave up a 3 run hr in the late innings that basically put the game away. The Dodgers looked good tonight, outhitting the Phillies and playing a solid game, but Clayton Kershaw fell apart in the 5th and Sherrill fell apart in the 8th, and so the stinkin Phillies are up in this series 1-0. As for me I watched the first couple innings, then went out to Tasha's birthday dinner and I didn't ask to be, but the hostess sat us with a great view of the bar with their two flatscreens that had the game on.

I'll be at the game tomorrow, and will be watching game 3 and 4 from Vegas on a CC reigonal meeting.

Happy Birthday Tasha (Loveys and Kissies)

A brief timeout from the Dodger Playoff Blog to acknowledge the birthday of the love of my life, my everything, my lovely wife Tasha.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bring on the Phillies!!!!!!

The Dodgers will get a chance to exact revenge on Utley, Howard, Victorino, Hammels, and that smug Jason Werth. I cannot wait till this series starts on Thursday. I will be of course not be watching the first game as I will celebrate my lovely wife Tasha's birthday...BUT.....I will be there for game two on Friday which will be off the hook and insane! I have a feeling that this is the year the Dodgers return to the World Series!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dodgers Sweep Cardinals!!!!!! On to the NLCS!!

The Dodgers keep on rolling along as they are powered by a clutch 7 innings by Vincente Padilla, timely hitting by Manny and Andre Eithier...and the Cardinals are but a memory. So now the Dodgers sit back and relax...and await the winner of the Phillies/Rockies Series.

Game 1 is on Thursday at Dodger Stadium

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Game 2 is a Birthday Classic!

As if Game 1 wasn't good enough, Game 2 of the 2009 NLDS turns out to be a classic!! After turning in a masterful 8 innings of 3 hit ball, Adam Wainwright is taken out in favor of a left handed reliever who gets Either, than their closer comes in and gets Manny, so now it's bottom of the 9th 2 outs, Dodgers down 2-1 Up comes James Loney who hits a line drive to Matt Holliday, who..what? He drops the ball, Loney is on second, Blake walks, Belliard drives in Pierre who pinch ran for Loney and we are tied!!!! Then Martin Walks and Mark Loretta slaps a base hit into left, scoring an improbable Dodgers victory and achieving the first Dodger Playoff Walkoff since Kirk Gibson....And lucky for me I was right there to catch it all, the video above was taken about 1 minute after the Dodgers Won. Oh and did I mention this all happened on my 36th Birthday?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dodgers Take Game 1!!!!

Since the Wildcard was instituted, the Dodgers have made it to the postseason 7 times. This is the first time we have ever started the NLDS at Home. It looked dicey in the 1st but Wolf got out of it after the Cards scored 1, and then Kemp immediately answered with a line drive two run homerun that gave the Dodgers the lead they would never relinquish. Clutch Defense and relief pitching helped a great deal and the Dodgers lead the Series 1-0!!!

Now wouldn't it be great if for my birthday the Dodgers could make it 2-0?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Its done..And now it really begins

The Dodgers finally are crowned the NL West champions tonite, and are the #1 seed in the NL, assuring homefield until the WS. Lets hope the Dodgers slump is in the past, lets hope that Kershaw can duplicate his performance tonight for game 2 on my Birthday. Oh BTW....who wants to buy me a dugout club seat for game two of the NLDS? Anyone? Anyone? Hint....goto www.dodgers.com, click on tickets..postseason tickets...game 2...."find seats, best available" Hint Hint Hint!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dodgers and Manny are lost

I know this will all go away if the Dodgers win tonight or tomorrow, or if they win game one of the NLDS, but right now this is getting into the realm of ridiculous. Matt and I were at the game last night to watch Manny strike out 4 times, once with one out and bases loaded, and once with 1 out and runners on 1st and 2nd. The Rockies have not lost and the Dodgers have not won in forever, and I will be very upset if Jim Tracey takes the NL West title out of our hands.

Since the Dodgers have already clinched the playoffs, I have made the difficult decision to attend opening night for the Kings tonite, but I will be closely monitoring the events of Chavez Ravine, only 2 miles away.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rockies win means Dodgers still not NL West Champions

Last week at this time I never thought this scenario was possible. I have tickets to this weekends series against the Rockies, but I thought the Dodgers would have clinched the west by then....But noooooo!

All the Dodgers have to do is not get swept this weekend and they are the NL West champions.......Stay tuned folks!