Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why Subway is so sucessful

You wanna get something quick reasonably healthy and good for the money? Well step into the land of Subway. With their 5 dollar footlong promo they have put a serious dent in Quiznos and other competitors. And here is why....the franchises are staffed well, they are efficient friendly and quick. I can walk into a subway, see 10 people in line ahead of me and know that I am gonna get my 6 inch turkey and ham in 5 minutes. I walk out of there happy and I know that I have not succumbed to disgusting fast food that gives me a broad moon face, man tits, and other assorted prizes. But I digress...here is one heads up for everyone..sometimes every footlong is 5 bucks, but sometimes it isn't and they go back to their "core 8" This causes confusion all the time because people believe that every footlong sub is always 5 bucks. Like today in Lancaster there was a very old man and a very old woman and bless their hearts they were sharing a footlong...come to the end of the line when he is rung up and the kid says that'll be $6.50 well the man says, "Excuse me I thought it was five dollars" and the kid says "Well sir that doesn't include your sandwich, the footlongs for 5 dollars are listed here" (points to a sign) Well anyways, I don't think this gentlemen bless his heart heard the kid, because when you are old you can't hear so well....and his wife starts squawking at him..."I thought it was five dollars...what d ya mean they don't have it anymore? They still have the sign up!" I had to turn my head and smile because these type of occurances are so funny to me! Anyways, I also have a subway card that I can reload all the time...I'll put $100 bucks on it every few weeks and voila....when it is near the 100 dollar mark and the employees hand me back my receipt with a credit of $84.17 on it they think I am a freakin weirdo! And they are right!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Brett!

Brett is celebrating his birthday today in a misty green treeworld in our Pacific Northwest...Happy Birthday Brett!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Ipod Shuffle Family

(Me wearing my new Shuffle, walking from 24 hour fitness to go mill around Costco for the 1,00th time, during a beautiful day in Santa Clarita)

Apple has an array of Ipods...the classic, the touch, the iphone, the nano and the Shuffle.

I have had a shuffle for years now because it is perfect for working out...it just clips on my shirt and is is almost as light as a penny. I bought Tasha one two christmases ago to work out, and I received an extra one from CareCredit for being a good sales rep. So I gave my old one to Kevin. Then for Zachs birthday he (seeing that Kevin had one) wanted one too, so he used his birthday money to get one. (Actually he got my CC one and I got the new 4GB one with the in headset controls) Crazy huh all the Rileys have Ipod Shuffles, and Kevin and Zach absolutely love theirs!

I also find that I no longer need my Ipod classic since my Iphone being 16GB works out just fine, and the shuffle is more than enough for working out. I posted my Ipod Classic for sale on Craigslist for $175 bucks. Anyone want to buy it?

P.S. I recomend the following to everyone....
1. Put all your music on Itunes on your primary computer...and setup a home networked music system just like me, it is very easy.
2. Put 15 GB of music onto your Iphone so you can play it in the car etc.
3. Buy an Ipod Shuffle for working out
(There is really no need for anyone to buy a Nano, a Classic, or a Touch)

Matt's birthday is today

A big Happy birthday to my brother Matt!!!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Zach is 5 Today!!!

A big Happy Birthday to my special 5 year old son who everyone loves.......

Happy Birthday Zachie!!!!!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

The North Hollywood Bank Robbery

Dr Montes the dentist who treated the cops now advertises "Bullet proof dentistry"

The B of A that is still there and operating

The area where many cops were pinned down

About 12 Years ago on a seemingly normal morning..two robbers held up the BofA on Laurel Canyon Blvd in North Hollywood. A couple of things made these robbers unique. Number one they were both covered from head to two with custom built body armor suits, and number two they had powerful military grade automatic weapons, and a seemingly endless supply of Ammo.

These two men upon exiting the bank became engaged in the largest shootout in United States history. Over 300 LAPD cops including SWAT team and others came for help. The cops were out gunned, their weapons at first did not have an effect on the shooters who had taken round after round into their body armor. A couple were pinned down behind a locksmith kiosk across the street, a few cops were hit, but remarkably not one cop or civilian was killed or severly wounded. Eventually the two gunmen were killed, one bullet found a crease in the neck area on one, and the other gunman was hit in the foot, and then the cops swarmed and beat/shot him to death.

After it was over some injured cops were treated by Dr Montes, who has Carecredit and is one of my Dentists. I have been to this area about 8 times in the past 3 years, and it never fails to spook me a little bit.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Decorating Easter Eggs

Aint it funny how kids don't know how to fake a smile?
Trust me like right before the camera came out they were happier than a donkey eating a waffle

"Tasha enjoying the tradition of holding up our egg with pride"

"Hey Dad, how come your egg is the same exact thing every year?"


This Sunday is "Easter" when we celebrate Bunnies, eggs, and the vicarious atonement (limited or unlimited depending on what flavor you subscribe to) of our particular "Savior"

But were it not for an interesting turn in history we could have been celebrating other Saviors, all who predated the christian one...lets look at a few shall we?.......

Mithra (600 BC) Born of a virgin. celebrated on 12/25, was slain upon a cross in persia as an atonement to all mankind celebrated on the vernal equinox

Attis (200 BC) born of a virgin in Phyrgia, was hanged on a tree, died and rose again and was called "Father God"

Buddha (600 BC) born of a virgin, performed miracles, was crucified, decended in Hades to suffer for 3 days and then ascended into Heaven

Krishna (1200 BC)Born of a virgin, visited by gift bearing wise men, performed miracles and was crucified

Quexalcote (587 BC) Born of a virgin, fasted for 40 days, was baptised by water, was crucified on a cross next to two theives, put to death, buried, descended into hell, and resurrected on the third day

Horus (1550 BC) Born of a virgin, received gifts from 3 kings, was crucified on a cross

Adonis (2000 BC) Born of a virgin named Ishtar (Easter) was crucified and resurrected

Quirinus (506 BC) Born of a virgin, crucified and the whole earth was enveloped in darkness

Indra (725 BC) Born of a virgin, could walk on water or air, could see the future, was crucified and ressurected

Thursday, April 9, 2009

RIP Nick Adenhart

One moment you are pitching for the Angels and hours later you are killed for no reason along with three of your friends. This is the sad story of Nick Adenhart who had acheived his dream of pitching in MLB. It reminds me to appreciate every moment we are alive...


Monday, April 6, 2009

Just got U2 tickets

Aren't I a lucky duck? Its gonna be awesome....October 25th at the Rose Bowl

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Newhall Institution sadly has fallen

A picture of Joe in Final Score (notice the Hart high wall of fame)

I just learned today that "The Final Score" a Newhall landmark since 1979 has gone out of business. This neighborhood sandwich/pizza/pasta restaurant was located very near the intersection of Lyons and orchard village. It was run by "Joe" a brooklyn transplant who was a great guy and prided himself on the quality of his food, (it was great) and his sponsorship of all things Hart High athletics. He had about 50 team pictures on the wall going back to the 70's of the Hart baseball/football/basketball/swiming/ you name it. I feel very bad for Joe, even if I hadn't been there in a while in favor of my Subway in a bit of sad irony (I think the 5 dollar footlong is what killed his restaurant) The SCV signal our local paper just did a feature on him two weeks ago for the 30 anniversary! All I can say is, "Joe, I'm sorry, if I would have kept the weight on maybe I could have helped save your place!"

To read the article Google "Final Score Newhall" (sorry blogger doesn't let you paste in content)