Monday, November 30, 2009

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was sleeping in an opium delirium when his wife who is a swedish model woke him up screaming at him after discovering internet rumors of another woman whom Tiger had sex with. Tiger was chased from his house, while his wife punched him in the mouth, scratched his face up, and menaced him with a golf club. Being in his percocet delirium he jumped in his Escalade and backed into a firehydrant, then into a tree while his wife was clubbing his windows out with said golf club. He then collapsed onto the street, still in a delirium where he lapsed in and out of consciousness, due to his injuries sustained by his wife (She might have attacked him in his sleep initially) And then the coverup and lies began.

Tiger Woods is the single biggest athlete in the world. He IS golf, without him the tour would lose about 60% of it's other sport has a single athlete that is as powerful. MLB could lose A Rod and Albert Puljols and barely miss a beat...the NHL would continue without Alex Ovechkin...etc etc....But Tiger woods has so much power that he can single handedly control the fate of a tournament simply by deciding to play in it or not. In person he is dull and has the personality of a brick wall and he is terrible in interviews. But like anyone in the world with a networth of a billion dollars and worldwide fame, he has acquired all the accouterments....Zillion dollar houses, yachts, etc....and a trophy wife in the form of this Swedish Model.

What is her problem? How could she not understand the unwritten deal and contract that she has entered into? This is like Paul McCartney and Heather Mills all over again. How could you be married to Paul McCartney and give him any grief? How could you give any grief to Tiger Woods! I would marry Tiger Woods or Paul McCartney and let them do whatever they wanted!!!

This is Tiger Woods fault for deciding to marry this shiny ornament. Elin should have kept her cool and done the Vanessa Bryant thing...sit by her husband and accept a 4 million dollar diamond ring and don't give him any problems!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Garrett's Reading List

Here is a list of books that I have read since I bought my Kindle on April 3rd of this year.
All of these books were instantly delivered to me and read on my Kindle or Iphone for less then the price of buying a book at a bookstore

New York Edward Rutherfurd (Reading now)
The Collectors David Baldacci
The Camel Club David Baldacci
Pursuit of Honor Vince Flynn
Nine Dragons Michael Connelly
Hour Game David Baldacci
Split Second David Baldacci
Christmas Train David Baldacci
The Lost Symbol Dan Brown
Where Men Win Glory: The Oddessy of Pat Tillman Jon Krakauer
Last Man Standing David Baldacci
Wish You Well David Baldacci
Saving Faith David Baldacci
The Simple Truth David Baldacci
Cross Country James Patterson
In the Presidents Secret Service Ronald Kessler
Accidental Billionares Ben Mezrich
Busting Vegas Ben Mezrich
The Devils Punchbowl Greg Iles
Just after Sunset Stephen King
Relentless Dean Koontz
Living Dead in Dallas Charlaine Harris
The Scarecrow Michael Connelly
Dead Until Dark Charlaine Harris
Gone Tomorrow Lee Child
Double Cross James Patterson
Straw Daryl Strawberry
Cross James Patterson
Mary, Mary James Patterson
A-Rod Selena Roberts
Imajica Clive Barker
Jeff Immelt and the new GE David Magee
Prayers For Rain Dennis Lehane
Sacred Dennis Lehane
Darkness Take my Hand Dennis Lehane
Columbine Dave Cullen
Fight Club Chuck Palahniuk
Afraid Jack Kilborn
The Year of Living Biblically AJ Jacobs
Four Days in November Vincent Bugliosi
Unlikely Disciple Kevin Roose
Extreme Measures Vince Flynn
Mayday Nelson Demille
Cathedral Nelson Demille
Spencerville Nelson Demille
Duma Key Stephen King
By the Rivers of Babylon Nelson Demille
UR Stephen King
Blaze Stephen King
The Gate House Nelson Demille
The Given Day Dennis Lehane

And that's it folks always having my iphone with me =always having a book with me, and always being able to read wherever you's a great thing and I recommend it to everyone, even those who are readers now that are skeptical of change, give the Kindle, the Sony EReader, The Barnes and Noble Nook a chance, they are great devices because they all have e ink technology and are more comfortable and easier to read than physical books.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This is an Outrage!!

How could this happen? A bunch of USC punks vandalized the great Bruin statue at UCLA early this morning. I only hope that UCLA will retaliate with swift decisiveness and remedy this outrage!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mike Faulkner talks baseball

This is a first for Grabbaggar....ladies and gentlemen here is a guest post from "Baptist Mike in Utah"

Hello everyone,
I just thought I would jot this down with the recent announcment of Joe Mauer winning the AL MVP nearly unanimously.
I read through a few articles on the selection and it comes down to one thing. He is a catcher who put up big numbers, but it really seems to be more of a vote for David instead of Goliath thing. The small market Twin, should get it over the large market Yankees. I keep reading that the Twins and Mauer made the playoffs against all odds with a small payroll etc etc. But they Twins are not a surprise they have been in the midst of the playoffs for several years now. They also act as though his numbers as a CATCHER are what makes him so terrific.
.365, 28 HR, 96 RBI, 94 Runs. Very good (actually great) for a catcher, but unheard of???
95' Piazza
.346, 32, 93, 82
96' Piazza
.336, 36, 105, 87
97' Piazza
.362, 40, 124, 104
99' Piazza
.303, 40, 124, 100
00' Piazza
And so on, you can add a few more great years in there as well. Had Mauer not been injured in April, he would not be the MVP. His HR's had dipped along with his average over the season. Over a full season, he would not have caught Piazza 1997 numbers except maybe runs scored. Piazza was never elected MVP because of his position, he was beat by Larry Walker in Colorado, or many of the Sosa, Big Mac, Bonds, chemically enhanced 60+ HR seasons.
Why is Mauer being voted MVP because of his position as a catcher. Does that make him more valuable than other players??
We have gotten into a wierd time in MLB where we look at players in categories rather than as the whole player. We have Hall of Famers that are the "Greatest lead off hitter" is that a position?? I know Ricky is deserving with all of his numbers, but the labelking is getting out of hand. Jeff Kent is mentioned for his numbers as a second baseman. What if he played third or first, is he no longer a "great"?? Piazza will benefit in a few years from this odd way of categorizing a player. Many closers will make the HOF based on their number of saves, but will there ever be a place for the set up guy? Maybe "holds" will have meaning someday. I am sure we will see the DH "position" honored in the HOF. I would like to figure out the stats and see who the best number 8 hitter in baseball is and put him in there. We know Rickey has more leadoff HR's than anyone, what about the obsure scrawny speedster playing short stop who happens to have the most HR's in the number 8 spot in history. Or the pitcher who extended more innings than any other in history with 2 outs and avoided killing a rally.
I applaud the year Mauer had, but is he the best? Is he the Most Valuable? Would he be as valuable at 3rd base with the same numbers??
Kirk Gibson did not have the best numbers in 1988, but was the leagues MVP. Not because of the numbers he posted in LF, but because of what he did for the team, the league, and all involved in the crowds.
Mike Faulkner

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tasha begins her "3 Day Walk"

This picture says it all about Tasha...Happy, cute and beautiful.

I can't wait to see her on Sunday at the finish line...Thanks to all who donated to the cause, this is a great use of time and money, Tasha is a living example of kindness and I love her!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

When drunk fans try to go after the athletes

This is a great ESPN produced video of the top ten incidents...culminating with the surreal Ron Artest Fight 5 years ago....enjoy!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Mother!!

A big Happy Birthday to my Mom...hope your day today is special!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Garretts XM Radio Update

Most of you know that I am a gadget freak (good gadgets, not the crap you find in brookstone) Among those that I have had since 2003 is XM Satellite Radio. I love the fact that it instantly makes FM Radio nearly obsolete (and with continuous commercial free traffic and weather updates it pretty much makes AM obsolete as well) Since it is Satellite based all you need is a view of the sky and you will always get a clear signal...whether you are on the top of Mt Whitney or Sailing in the Puget Sound of Washington, your signal never fades. (Check it I've been to both those aforementioned places) With the merger with Sirius the service has gotten better as more content has been added. I now enjoy radio access to every game broadcast in the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and most PGA, ATP, and Nascar events if I am so inclined....I also get the live audio feed of CNN and Fox News...and so much more!!

As I said before with the advent of the Iphone I figured that XM would be obsolete as free services like Pandora took over......BUT!!!!......even though Pandora is free it is subject to frequent dropouts. It is only as good as the network, and ATT's 3g network is subject to shoddy coverage, frequent dropouts, and terrible sound quality. But XM is not subject to that at all....your sound quality is as good in the heart of downtown Los Angeles as it is in Furnace Creek, Death Valley. Or if you are taking Lincoln tunnel into Manhattan, you will still get coverage because XM has repeaters installed!! But why all this renewed love for satellite radio you ask? Simple....The XM Skydock for Iphone!!!!..That's right folks there is now a piece of hardware that plugs into your cigarette lighter that turns your iphone into a full featured XM Radio! with all the benefits of the 3.5 inch touch it works beautifully.....So here now are Garrett's top 10 favorite music channels for XM Satellite Radio.....

Number 10: The Joint--Pure Reggae Music
Number 9: Real Jazz
Number 8: Willies Place--Old School Country, none of the Nashville crap
Number 7: The Pulse---Adult Contemporary Hits
Number 6: Lithium--Classic Alternative Hits
Number 5: Classic Vinyl---Early Classic Rock
Number 4---1st Wave---Classic 80's Alternative
Number 3---The 80's on 8----80's pop Hits
Number 2------Classic Rewind--Later Classic Rock
and the Number 1 channel is
SIRIUS XM CHILL--This is a Genre known as Chill Music and it is unique and very cool.

PS. If you have Sirius XM, what Channels do you listen to? And if you don't have it yet...what are you a weirdo!? Go to Best Buy and get it! Sheesh!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Church update*** by Popular Demand!!

Well folks we just got the "expense v giving" report from our church and Tasha joined me in wondering why they need an average of 140 thousand dollars per month. It seems that there is another "one time gift day" tomorrow that people will be guilted into once again. If someone is having a problem with giving because they are anxious about their financial problem, just pray to God and he will make it all better. Coincidentally it seems that the more pain caused by giving is directly proportional to our rewards in heaven. How about that!!

Here is what is taken directly from the website....(for any lurkers on my site that have not been steeped in the culture of evangelicalism.....enjoy...those who are already will find this very familiar.) And please whatever money you feel guilted into giving...send it to the "Make a Wish Foundation"

Second Aspect of this One-day offering will stretch all of us…but I am convinced that everyone can participate if you want to. What we want to challenge you to do is ask, "God, what do you want me to give above and beyond my regular giving to this one day offering that will be used to further our ministry in the SCV?"

Some of us can give a very significant gift…others have already begun to think creatively about how they can give above and beyond their regular giving. Example: Gold Coin…maybe you could have a garage sale, or clean out your storage unit, do some handyman work, one woman had a boutique at her home.

For those of you who feel as if there is no way you can give. We want you to pray that God will make it possible for you to give in ways that will blow you away.

Prayer - Today we are very sensitive to the fact that there are those of you who are going through difficult financial times…you might be hurting today. Even talking about giving is painful to you. Some of you need a financial miracle. You may be facing a crisis and we want to pray for you…If that describes you I am going to ask you to pray with me.

"Father, as a church family we want to pray for those who are facing some kind of financial stress or difficulty in their life. They are hurting, confused and don’t know what to do! God you know exactly what they’re facing. Would you help them to feel your love and the prayers of their church family around them. You know our hurts and you know our fears. You know our struggles and our sins, our loneliness, our pain.

For those here who are hurting may they experience relief. May they sense your presence in their pain
n. It is your desire that they learn to trust you with what they have. Thank You that you love us. Thank You that You hear our prayers. And thank You in advance for the answers that are already on the way. In Jesus' name, Amen."

Friday, November 13, 2009

Jon Stewart Catches Hannity shading the truth and Hannity apologizes!

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I'll let this one speak for itself folks...I have been listening to Hannity for years, and he always talks up these rallies.

BTW I tuned in "The no spin zone" the other day and I kid you not O'Reilly played a clip of a CW show that showed an extended girl on girl kiss...then he said, "Are the folks at the CW pinheads for putting this on the air? I'll let you decide" Bill loves playing stuff like this for ratings while lambasting people who play the same clip for ratings. Anyways enjoy the Jon Stewart clip.

PS If Limbaugh, Hannity, Glen Beck, etc. caught Olberman or Rachel Madow doing this, they would have gone absolutely ballistic!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Carrie Prejean Completely falls apart on Larry King Live

This is absolutely hilarious! Carrie Loses it when Larry asks why she settled her lawsuit which is a perfectly legitimate question. Carrie lies about "not being able to talk about it" and then when she is asked why she can't talk about it, she claims it is confidential, Larry apparently has one or two marbles left and questions why she can't even talk about the motives for canceling. Then it gets really interesting and funny, watch how Carrie is listening to her publicist off screen and takes off her mic and then says she can't hear anything!

For those that don't know Carrie settled/withdrew her "religious discrimination" case against the pageant as soon as she learned the pageant had come into possession of a solo sex tape of her having fun with herself.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Leykis, Carolla, Opie and Anthony all gone from CBS Radio

A very interesting thing has been happening for a while now with traditional terrestrial radio. There are no more "shock jocks" or interesting non political, non sports talk shows on FM terrestrial radio anymore. Building on the success of Don Imus in the mid to late 80's Howard Stern revolutionized radio and this helped shows like "Opie and Anthony" (Which I have listened to continuously for 4 years now) Adam Carolla, and Tom Leykis.

And then came Janet jacksons boob.

Since then these shows have been tightly governed by repressed Puritans, and interest watchdog groups governed by sleazy lowlifes such as Al Sharpton. All a sudden now shows were actually getting fired for imitating a stereotypical Asian accent (interest groups targeting advertisers) Or making a bad joke about a womens basketball team. I can still remember Al Sharpton's daughter scornfully looking at a sheepish Imus and wishing Imus would ask to look at her Ipod to see how many times the word "Ho" is used in the songs she most likely listens to. So while shows like "The Office", SNL and "30 Rock" can get away with smart edgy humor with sexual and racial elements...for some reason radio can't.

So a few things happened...Howard Stern jumped to Sirius for a 1/2 billion dollar contract....more and more people (especially younger) were just listening to their IPODs...and the somewhat affluent to affluent crowd starting to get Satellite radio which took away their consumer base. But there were shows that were still doing well such as Leykis and Carolla and to a lesser extent Opie and Anthony on WCBS in NY....But because all three command enormous salaries it was just cheaper to dump them and program a top 40 jukebox which is what they did with their two flagships WCBS and KLSX out here in LA.

I wrote a post a year ago or so about how I think Satellite radio was on it's way out, but now I am not so sure. With clever Iphone integration satellite radio I think is here to stay...and that is great because it is so much better than "regular radio" The sound is always crystal clear and you won't hear any commercials for music, but here is the best thing...You hear hardly any commercials for talk programs either!! Opie and Anthony (now exclusive to Sirius XM) can go an hour and a half straight sometimes!! And it is the same with the baseball channel on 175....and many others. Yes I am entertained by listening to Rush and Hannity as well sometimes but the amount of commercials is just way too much!! It is ridiculous actually. For a couple hundred bucks for 2 years...Sirius XM is more than worth the price....

When cable first came out in the late 70's people were it sure is stupid to pay for something you can get for free. Well guess what people? You still can get it for free and it sucks!! That is why people pay for Directv or Cable, or an ISP to watch their shows on Hulu.

You know what I think is insanity? Paying for a Landline in your house as well as a cellphone!!?? Allright this blog has rambled long enough......

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Carrie Prejean XXX Tape

"I love Jesus"

Whoops! Looks like another person purportedly holding "Christian" values has been exposed as a blatant over the top hypocrite.

Just to clarify folks...when PerezHilton initially asked Carrie what her opinion of Gay marriage is, she gave on honest answer...although I disagree with her answer she had the right to answer honestly. Perezhilton then acted like a complete douche and began attacking her for her opinion.

If Carrie would have left it at that, then I have no problem....However, she saw dollar signs and O'Reilly and Hannity saw sex appeal and ratings and she began fashioning herself as a symbol of good Christian conservative values..... She cashed in with a book deal, and then tried to get a huge payday from the pagent until they told her they had the tape at which point she instantly withdrew her complaint!

Why do Carrie and Sexy Sarah fashion themselves as symbols of moral christian values while one has a sex tape and the other has a promiscuous daughter with a child out of wedlock? It is so amusing isnt it?

P.S. If anyone knows where to find that tape send me an e-mail with the direct link at (:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy 60th Susan!!!!

As in all family birthdays...Uncle Dennis comes up with a featured song commemorating the event. We had a great time down at the Dana Point on Sunday, the weather was great the event was fun, and the love and happiness were present.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Andy Rebels against the "System"