Saturday, February 28, 2009

I didn't need OxyContin to lose weight!!!

Holy Snickeys everybody! Did you see Rush Limbaugh today accepting his "award" from the John Birch society or whatever it was? He is freakin Fat!!! and I mean Morbidly Obese, I estimate at least 335 LBs maybe more with a BMI of 45 (if he is 6 feet tall and in fact 335 lbs, a 'conservative' estimate....this is dangerously and disgustingly obese folks. He was waddling around the stage, sweating like a pig. He has a metal implant in the side of his skull like the Borg which I normally wouldn't make fun of but is a result of him gobbling down a hundred OxyContin tabs a day!

So Rush loses almost 200 pounds in about 99 or 2000 totally due to Oxycontin use, takes so much Oxycontin that he loses his hearing, has to get a metal implant in his head, then balloons back up like a hippo after he stops his drug use. I wouldn't be suprised if Fatso dies of a massive Heart Attack this year or dies from lung cancer due to his chronic cigar use.....

Here is a man who has been divorced three times, eats like a maniac pig, gobbles illegal drugs while talking about how much of a loser Kurt Cobain was, smokes incessantly, and guaranteed he is doing hookers for 10 grand a pop down at EIB southern command. He does all of this while daily preaching self control while sitting on his reinforced "Atilla the Hun Chair"

Arch Conservatives, this is your hero!! Why??

Paul Harvey RIP

Before O&A came to XM I used to listen to a bunch of AM talk radio and can remember hearing Paul Harvey with his news updates or interesting tidbits....This guy was the master of vocal timing, modulation, and had the classic radio voice. He will be missed!

Friday, February 27, 2009

MLB Network and the technology of sports

Chico CA, 1995......I missed being able to hear the Dodgers on the radio, and the only time I could ever see them is if it was an ESPN game, they played the Giants, or they played the Braves. (This fact didn't stop by Aunts from calling once or twice to ask me if I was "watching the game")

But I discovered that I could get the broadcast out of the Vegas affiliate if the sun was there were nights that I was sitting out in my car in the parking lot listening to the games "Raul Mondesi has just hit a grand slam" I can still remember Ross Porter telling me through static....

Anyways here we are in 2009 and nearly everything I have ever wanted has come true...Anyone can hear every broadcast of every game of every sport MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, ATP, PGA, NASCAR live from anywhere in the country...and now with the gameday audio app for iphone I can listen to radio broadcasts of all 2430 MLB games if I wanted to......With Slingbox and the upcoming app for iphone I can sling my home tv through the internet for free and WATCH all my sports from anywhere in the 3g network. With Sunday ticket, Mlb extra innings, Nhl center ice, and nba package, you can watch all the games for your sport...(If we moved to Seattle to be closer to Brett, I would still be able to watch about 150 Dodger games with the package)

MLB network is a channel devoted solely to baseball, and it is better the NFL, NBA, and NHL counterparts, the studio broadcasts are in full hi def and they have an indoor replica field where they can demonstrate plays.......It is a great time to be a sports fan and a techno-geek!!!!

Go Dodgers!!!! Go Kings!!!! Go Raiders!!!!!! Go Lakers!!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Steve Jobs

Grabbaggar would like to wish my idol and oracle Steve Jobs well on his 54th birthday and wish for a speedy and thorough recovery!!

Tagged in the you know what

As all men know...even though we are much stronger and bigger than our partner sex, we have an extreme see we basically have what amounts to a bowel hanging out of us that when hit or even grazed wrong, can incapacitate us. 

Which leads me to tonight at "La Salsa" with Kevin...I'm standing in back of him and before he said he wanted a kids quesadilla...but as we get to the cashier lady to order, here's how it went down....Me..."Hi, I'll take a grilled chicken burrito, and a....."  I never got the rest out, because Kevin at this point wheels around excitedly to tell me that he now wants a burrito instead too, but as he does this his elbow makes solid contact with my left testicle.  I let out a moan and double over in front of everybody, taking slow solid breaths....the girl had a look of concern and humor on her face.....I said through waves of pain,  "wow if you had a camera you could send that in to America's funniest home videos"

BTW...Tasha and I finally signed the loan docs on our 30 yr fixed today

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Video Announcement

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Review of "Raising Sand"

OK so as some of you may know "Raising Sand" by Alison Krause and some guy named Robert Plant won album of the year last week.  So I figured what the heck I'll give it a sample which I did on Itunes liked it and bought the album...Within seconds it was playing throughout my networked music system.  

A female folk singer may not seem like a normal mix with a rock god, but here it works to perfection, the voices complement each other.   The album is mostly mellow and is great to listen to as you fall asleep (at least until your wife says, Garrett you need to turn that off now)  There is a reason that it was given this award, and yes indeed this is the best thing Robert Plant has been involved in since "In through the out Door"  cute title huh?  (That's Zep for ya)

I encourage everyone to get this one, you won't be dissappointed!

P.S.  I miss Tasha's blog, she hardly writes anything anymore!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to Charles Darwin!!!!

Today Feb 12th is Darwins 200 Birthday Ladies and Gentlemen.   He began with a simple premise, "Gee I know can artificially breed out certain characteristics of my Rock Pigeons" Later in his legendary voyages of the HMS Beagle to the Galapagos Islands he noticed that certain finches had different characterics(different beak sizes etc), and he observed that different animals evolved in different ways independent of each other according to the islands that they were native to...He posited that species adapt or change naturally to give themselves a comptetive advantage for survival...This led his earthshattering theory of evolution by natural selection.  This was 100 hundred years before Watson and Crick decoded the DNA strand.  Genetic mutation is happening in every species all the time.   Evolution is a stunningly elegant explanation for so much.....Happy Birthday Darwin!!!!!!!!

Lets go Kings!!!!!!

Starting tonight the Kings have a very critical 3 game homestand of which yours truly will be attending all three!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Rod and steroids

A Rod admitted today that he had taken steroids while he was with the Rangers.   This came as no suprise to me.    

I am not a doctor but there are a lot of misconceptions  about "steroids" and other "performance enhancing drugs"  I think this all started with Lyle Alzado who died of a brain tumor that people thought was caused by doing "too many steroids"  But what are steroids?  They are a synthesized version of a chemical hormone which occurs naturally.  They can be used to break muscle down "cortico steroid"  or cortisone shot, or enhance muscle mass.  Human Growth Hormone is used for cancer patients and is the secret sauce of every "anti aging" clinic you see in your yellow pages.   Anyways.....

As a fan of pretty much all major sports I know there is a widespread use of all sorts of major and minor chemicals to enhance performance...and guess what folks, nothing could be more American!!!   What?  You ask?

 The movie "Bigger, Stronger, Faster"  details the fact that our fighter pilots are ordered to use powerful "Dextro Amphetamines" to give them a chemical edge....musicians in a symphony orchestra have one shot to audition for a 250K per year seat at a major symphony use powerful beta blockers to inhibit all sorts of anxiety and nervousness.....I would be willing to bet that there is a good chance that public speakers in an effort to combat this have used these chemicals as well, or used them to get a "leg up" on a co-worker who was competing for their job....or how bout the college student who uses perscription drugs that make them focus laserlike attention for hours on a term paper.  Or anti-psychotics like Prozac and lithium?  

Yes what A Rod and all the others did is disappointing but it does zero to diminish my love for the game, in fact since McGwire/Sosa and onwards, the game has never been as popular, attendance is way up, and tv revenues and salarys are astronomical.  I disagree with the sportswriters who say that A Rod has "instantly lost all crediblility and lost his chances for the Hall"

Things other than hard work that baseball players do other than Steroids and HGH to "get an advantage"

....pop amphetamines like tic tacs
....chug massive amounts of red bull
....pop sudafed tabs
....drink beer during games
....take beta blockers to calm their nerves
....chew NSAIDS like tic tacs
.....have laser eye surgery performed to improve vision

Before 2004 there was no rule against steroids and other performance enhancing drugs in baseball, it was not illegal, Doctors would write the stuff.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Coldplay's grammy wins and their feature on "60 minutes" tonight are a reminder that they are the best new band that began in 2000 or after.  So far they have four complete studio albums...Parachutes....A Rush of Blood to the Head....X&Y....and Viva La Vida......there is not one song on anyone of those albums that I skip.  

 They are really, really good.....I wish there were more bands like them out today.  They are at the peak of their creative powers right now and it is cool to see (and hear)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Michael Phelps

I have had it with the righteous sanctimony of those condemning Michael Phelps.  The guy went to a college party and smoked Pot.  

BIG FREAKIN DEAL!!! After spending years in the pool every day for seven hours a day and accomplishing an amazing feat guess what He earned it!  I wouldn't care if he does blow off of a strippers "you know what"  As long is he does not "cheat" use blood doping agents, HGH etc, he is fine.  He is taking a little break from the pool.  Guess what?  Many people be it athletes, students, attorneys, will after working for a prolonged period of time BLOW OFF STEAM!  How many of you reading this have engaged in an alcohol binge, or a soft drug binge, or an eating binge after you have "EARNED IT" by accomplishing a goal?  I think most of you have and as long as you don't do it all the time...  It's a perfectly healthy thing to do, it's called being human.

But I'll tell you what is not healthy...Kellogg's and their Sugar enriched cereals.   The nerve of this stupid company dropping their endorsement of him for engaging in "unhealthy" behavior.   Eating Sugar Pops and Frosted Flakes is not good for you at all and can cause a milleu of health problems.  

I support Michael Phelps 100 percent and he does not deserve this crap!  And the person who leaked this photo is a scumbag.  

Swimmings decision to suspend him for 3 months is too severe, he didn't violate any anti-doping regulations, I understand they had to do something but how bout a was just marijuana!   Why is it "bad" that there is a picture doing a bong hit, but it would be "fine" if he was drinking a glass of wine?  

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This Hot Sauce Post is dedicated to Uncle Dennis

Daves Insanity Sauce will kill you

Siracha, the best hot sauce I have ever come across

From the beginning of my blog...a way back in 08 ole Uncle D has been trying to get me to do a post on Hot Sauce...So here we go......

I have a very high tolerance for almost all types of hot sauce....for many years I dumped Tabasco on everything I would eat....But about 2 years ago I started buying Siracha which is a chile paste that you squirt out of a bottle like mustard.  The stuff is great and I have not found a tastier hot sauce in all my days....Since Tabasco is more common then Siracha I still douse it on everything I eat when I am at a restaurant or whenever Siracha is not available......

FYI.....There is one Hot Sauce that I cannot take whatsoever, it is called "Daves Insanity Sauce"  this is the hottest sauce I have ever come across, there are warnings all over the bottle.   I put a few drops on my tongue and experienced a lasting pulsating effect.  So there it is folks, Siracha, I go through the stuff like it is ketchup!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Wii Fit finally likes me

  This is my Wii Fit telling me that I am in a normal range and is no longer talking smack about me.  

Monday, February 2, 2009

Why Sirius/XM Radio is obsolete

I loved Satellite radio and have had it for years and years now.  What was so cool about it was the different types of music you could get, and then shortly after I discovered O&A and then the holy grail, MLB all games all season (for a sales rep techno geek this was awesome!)   

But XM was dead the day the Iphone software version 2.0 with the famous App store.  Once you could install apps like Pandora, or AOL Radio on your phone, you now had everything satellite could do in terms of music with a significant difference..those apps are FREE!  Also I am a huge O&A fan but I download them every day through which partners with XM.  And now with the MLB Iphone app having gameday radio for this season..(even better than satellite because it includes a choice of home or away broadcasts of every baseball game for probably about 20 bucks a year)  As long as I can get a cell signal, I am golden.  XM radio didn't work well in a hotel room, you needed a view of the sky.  Oh also Slingbox is working on an app for Iphone so pretty soon I'll be able to watch live TV (like any sports event on my Iphone)

So when the 250 dollar renewal for 2 years comes month...I'm not renewing......Satellite radio will go away and in five years the company will sell off their content to other providers and the WIMAX standard will hopefully be in place.

Today I deactivated one of our two XM Radios, but for now we are going to continue with our other one and have it be in Tasha's car, she loves her Oprah and Friends, the boys love the kids channel, and Tasha loves her Jesus Pop Music.