Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Full Body Scanners

With the latest Al Queda attack using the "underwear bomb" there is renewed call for tightened airport security. Most notably the Scanners that can see the outline of a persons body, including their breast, buttock, and genital reigon. (We don't quite have the 'Total Recall' Scanners that Arnold crashed through yet)

Puritanical privacy groups are against these scanners ostensibly because they are embarrassed that someone might see their disgusting flabby bodies and laugh at them? I don't know the reason cause I don't understand it. I say bring on the scanners! Heck if it cut down the lines I would walk onto the plane naked wearing nothing but a party favor on my tallywacker. But that's just me, I am full of whimsy during these final days of 2009.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I extend my sincerest Christmas and Holiday wishes to everyone, thanks for reading and may you enjoy a special day with your loved ones.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Years Eve Milkshakes

For New Years lets revisit a classic homage to "There Will Be Blood" first is the real scene..

And now here is the classic re imagining

Yes back in those days I was drinking one to many milkshakes!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Jon Stewart makes fun of Obama's Nobel Speech

In the spirit of fairness and to enlighten all those who Only watch Fox News and listen to Only Rush and Hannity.....guess what? Jon Stewart is taking jabs at Obama on the daily show now folks! How bout that? Will this change your opinion of him? Yes this video is 4 minutes so just forward it up to the 2 min part and enjoy

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Garrett's 10 best films from the 1990's

These lists can be addicting once you start, and the more I thought about my list for this decade, the truth is folks last decade was even better for strap in and here we go with my 10 best/favorite films of last decade

10. Pulp Fiction====The classic masterpiece that revolutionized a genre and spawned a zillion imitators. Watching this movie is so much fun.

9. Braveheart====They may take our lives, but they'll never take OUR FREEDOM! Mel the Mad Genius knocks it out of the park with this classic epic.

8. Forrest Gump===Tom Hanks creates one of the most memorable characters in movie history in this funny, touching, and moving film

7. Fargo=====Totally original quirky funny fascinating

6. LA Confidential=====Not since Chinatown has there been a better noir film about LA in the 1950's...Curtis Hanson perfectly captures the era and puts Russell Crowe on the map

5. Boogie Nights=====One of my all time favorites, this movie has so many classic moments and lines, PT Anderson's direction feels alive and Fun!

4. Slingblade=====The Citizen Kane of redneck films....Billy Bob Thorton created an enduring masterpiece with this one...the fact that he wrote and directed this movie and created the character is astonishing

3. The Matrix=====Speaking of Astonishing! This movie is mindbendingly surreal and totally revolutionary....The Wachowski Brothers created one of the best Sci Fi action, Kung Fu movies of all time

2. Goodfellas=====Next to GF I and II this is the best Mafia movie ever made and is one of the most quotable and rewatchable films that I know of.

1. The Silence of the Lambs====My pick for the best movie of the decade is the all time classic movie that swept the academy awards and rightfully so. The best psychological thriller ever, one of the greatest villains ever, this is a perfect masterpiece of a film and one that never gets old.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Picks for 25 best Films of the decade

By popular demand, and at Matt's requet, here are my picks for the best movies of the decade (caveat, I haven't seen District 9 or Avatar yet, and they would probably go in here, but I can't include them cause I aint seem em)

25. United 93---Respectfully done and like Schindlers List will most likely be a "one and done" movie for me cause I just can't take the emotion of it...this was probably the hardest movie I have ever had to watch.

24. Touching the Void------A brilliant Documentary about 2 climbers that climbed an impossible peak in the Andes and one climber who struggled back from certain death.

23. Minority Report------One of the most gripping Sci Fi thrillers of recent years that potrays what computers will be like in the future with the "multi gestural" interface that is already coming true

22. Brokeback Mountain----A beautifully done and achingly sad film that is wonderfully paced and acted

21. Pans Labyrinth-----A fantastic Spanish film that takes us on a journey with a little girl who creates an intricate and fascinating fantasy world to deal with her fascist Stepfather who is a lieutenant in Francos Spain.

20. O Brother Where Art Thou?----Another Cohen brothers film that is a remake of the Odyssey which takes place during the dustbowl, total original and brilliant movie

19. Donnie Darko---A cult classic that I only discovered recently....a fantastical trip through time paradoxes as a suburban boy is suddenly told that the world will end in 9 days.

18. The Reader----I won't ruin the big reveal in this one but it plays with your idea of who the good guy and bad guy should be..a great film

17. About Schmidt---Jack Nicholson is at his best here as a man who takes a journey in his motorhome after his wife dies and he retires to try to understand how he got to where he is in his life, and what does it all mean?

16. Michael Clayton----A very smart thriller, the kind of movie that a love, involving corporate operatives and fixers.

15. Downfall----The most accurate and powerful movie ever made about Hitler, it deals with his last days in the bunker as the Russian Army is converging on Berlin

14. The Last King of Scotland----A terrifyingly powerful performance by Forrest Whitaker who portrays Idi Amin....We take a journey along with a reporter who is seduced into Amins inner circle

13. The Departed-------Great thriller about the Irish Mafia, the Boston PD and two undercover guys in each camp

12. The Aviator------Scorcese did this and the Departed back to back and I think the Aviator was a little bit better..."Come in with the Milk, come in with the Milk"

11. Borat-----It takes an amazing amount of talent to pull of the kind of comedy that Sascha Cohen is able to do. He is a genius at what he does.

10. Memento-----I love movies like involves a puzzle for our protaganist who has short term memory..he wasn't hit by a pear, and just wants to know what happened

9. Crash------It is great that this won best picture because it was considered a longshot. Ensemble piece that honestly discusses race in America.

8. Batman Begins----This is a masterpiece of a Superhero movie. Christopher Nolan took the genre and raised it into art. "I need to be something elemental, something terryifying, to use fear against those who prey on the fearful"

7. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind-----Quirky and brilliant film about a couple who impulsively have their memories of each other erased. What a brilliant idea with great execution.

6. Into The Wild---Hal Holbrook gives the best performance in the 3rd act of this movie again with a great portrayal of loneliness

5. The Bourne Ultimatum----The 3rd in the Trilogy is the best as Matt Damon reinvents the genre of the spy thriller....awesome film!!

4. No Country For Old Men-----Basically this is a perfect film..."Call it, what am I betting on? Everything"

3. The Fog of War-------The most brilliant documentary of its explains so much about why we go to war, as told by Sec Def Robert McNamara

2. There Will Be Blood--------One of the top 5 greatest performances ever caught on film...there are actors and then there is Daniel Day Lewis.....The final scene is so brilliant that you are literally shaking.

1. Mullholland Drive----The best movie of the decade is this mindbendingly genius movie by David Lynch. The film almost goes beyond categorization and description, but it did leave a powerful imprint on me, it is a work of art.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Grabbaggars memories of 2009

I'll be taking a bit of a hiatus until next year but thanks to all those who read my blog goal is to be honest and make it continues to be a great outlet for me...Merry Christmas to everyone and I'll see you in 2010...........Here are some memories for the year

  • Climbing Mt Whitney
  • I survived another year of the recession
  • Everyday is a happy memory with Kevin and Zach
  • Ditto for Tasha I Love being married to her and love her more every day
  • Tasha's 3 Day Walk
  • Skiing in Mammoth
  • Zach starts T Ball and Kindergarten
  • Kevin excels at reading comp
  • My Bear Den...Den 1 rules!!
  • Being a Season ticket holder for both the Kings and Dodgers
  • Getting the Dog I have wanted all my life
  • Facebook
  • Going to Two Harbors and camping on "Serenity Now"
  • Finally not rebounding back to being a huskier gentleman
  • Going to Colorado with Mike and Matt
  • The epic U2 concert at the Rosebowl
  • Home refi at 30 yr fixed at a 4.75 rate
  • Camping in Ventura
  • Laying by the pool in Tempe, AZ in 115 July heat
  • Reading like mad with the Kindle device and Iphone app
  • And finally.....I am happier and healthier then I have been in years!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Scientology and Tom Cruise

Just by writing this blog I could be labeled a SP (Supressive Person) according to those who worship LRH (L Ron Hubbard) with that said...Scientology is a dangerous cult that is harmful to us. It comes to us in many fronts..Nanconon. Criminon...Applied Scholastics......Here is Tom Cruise (Class 4 Level VII Operating Thetan) explaining the value of AS or "Study Tech" a costly 'education' that is supposedly the best in the history of the world.....Maybe I am a suppressive...after all I was a pharmaceutical rep....enjoy Toms rant on Study Tech....

And this is the famous "award ceremony" Where Tom Cruise is extolling the virtues of LRH and Cult Leader David Miscavige the COB (Chairman of the Board) of Scientology....David Miscavige is other then LRH....the single greatest man Cruise has ever met, and he's met them all. Enjoy the wackiness if you haven't already seen this one. It includes the Nazi Style salute to a giant picture of Science Fiction writer L Ron Hubbard....and please enjoy cult leader Miscavige talk about how they want to eradicate physciatry and bring LRH solutions to all governments...this nonsense is endlessly fascinating to me.

"Religion should not cost its members money"
===Garrett Riley