Saturday, June 12, 2010

We have lived here for 5 years now!!

After counting down the days..we are finally free of Bakersfield!! This was taken the day we moved in and everyone helped us unpack.

Zach at 14 months just wanted to know that his toys made it safely to his new house

Since Tash and I got married 13 years ago..we have lived in four different houses: chico 6-97 -7-99: Ventura: 7-99-4-03 Bakersfield: 4-03- 6-05 and now Valencia..making this the longest we have lived in any one house. After thinking about moving down to San Clemente, we reconsidered and remained here...enjoying our comfortable, happy, roots. We love living in Santa is it's own oasis ringed 360 degrees by mountains and foothills...A great place to raise kids with great schools and great is only 30 miles from downtown LA but one never has to leave...and if it's roller coasters you like...well guess what boy...we got the best in the world right here.

(: Anyways...just wanted to mark our 5 year anniversary of living here on Via Elisandra


Brett said...

Congrats man. That is great... It's nice to be settled isn't it?

Paula said...

This house will always have happy memories for you, because it is filled with family love and raising two beautiful boys.

Love, Mom

Jason, as himself said...

Yep! It is a great place to live.