Thursday, July 8, 2010

My review of the Iphone 4

"This is the biggest advance to the Iphone since the original Iphone"
====Steve Jobs (Grandmaster of all things and bringer of light)

With the competition of the "Android" phone which is the second best phone on the market (a distant second in my opinion) Apple had to fill in a couple holes where the android had caught up. And folks, they did this and more, I got everything I asked for. HD video, a 5 MP camera with a flash, and a second camera. But to me the killer part of this new iphone is the "retina display" which is an amazing feature that really makes reading on your iphone like reading on paper. It is a serious competitor to "e ink" and even is superior to the Ipad display which I had raved about when I got it. To appreciate the display, you really have to see it for yourself..I still am not used to how pretty it looks, amazingly sharp, and yes I have not seen any pixelation!

In terms of the phone design itself, in a word it is beautiful, elegant metal with glass on the front and back. (There is never a need for 3rd party scratch resistant cover on your iphone's glass! Unless you carry sharp diamonds in your pocket, I think you'll be OK) The phone is very thin, making the 3g and 3gs look bulky by comparison. I purchased the bumper case from Apple and it is a great addition to the phone, making it easier to grip and protecting it to a degree from any accidental drops.

If I could only have one gadget in the world I would choose the Iphone 4 over everything else.

Luckily I can have all of them though (:

And finally here is my take on the antenna is a made up fake bogus story that the media glommed onto and is total BS

====Garrett the Apple geek

P.S. My only disappointment was that they did not double the storage to 64 GB

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Brett said...

No doubt it is amazing and does change everything again. The problem is that the iPhone is so in a league of its own that people feel the need to attack it. Apple is quickly becoming the (recognized) standard and so the object of all challenges. I have had a few dropped calls, but it has been unclear as to why so more time is needed to see if there is any reality to the hype. And you're right... the retina display is amazing. I know the others will copy soon... but again, it has taken Apple to set the goal.


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