Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Apples Media Event Today

Look at those cool new multi touch Nanos!!

This morning a much healthier looking Steve Jobs rolled out all the new Ipods, Itunes, and Apple TV. I am continually struck by just how good Jobs is as a presenter, he is masterful and is my personal model when I have to talk about things in front of people. In discussing the Nano he had a great quote that went something like this "Its still so amazing to realize you can carry thousands of songs in a device this small" I couldn't agree more, Apple changed the way we buy and listen to music. I still use my IPhone as my primary Ipod because it is just one device in your pocket. The Shuffle I use to work out only as it is easily wearable and just clips on to my shirt and weighs like nothing.

The Apple TV is now much smaller and has features like the ability to send content wirelessly from your Iphone and Ipad, for example you can walk into your house with a ton of pictures you have taken on your Iphone and then instantly view them on your TV...and that is just one of the features....I love these Apple Media Events..can't wait for the next one which will probably be in January....


Brett said...

What's really cool is one of the greatest things that they had to show off wasn't even mentioned. It was the new data farm in NC that allowed them to livestream it to so many people. That was a great new feature.

My favorite was the One More Hobby. Great refresh on the ATV. Keep the updates coming.