Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is it harder to give up God or Directv?

Question? What is more difficult? Accepting that there is really no god, and that we don't go to a magical place when we die....or accepting that I don't need to keep paying Directv $120/month.

They are both scary and weird...and you feel all alone when you come to the full realization!

I watch way less TV now then I used to...I don't have the desire to do it. I am mostly on the computer instead of TV. We have 3 of them in our house..there's like almost one in every room. And they have replaced the compulsion....there are only two reasons to stay with TV...Sports and maybe HBO. Sports though, is the only thing that right now cannot be replaced by TV...etc. I say right now..because in the near future mlb and the nhl will lift blackout restrictions and make there services streamable to all devices. But right now it aint worth it...I tried to lower the cost of directv per month, but if I tear down all the channels I don't of those just happens to be Prime Ticket..which happens to televise 120 Dodger games a year. Directv isn't stupid..they are a great company with a great service.....but like Tower Records, Barnes and Noble, and Blockbuster..people are waking up to a new reality.

Here are the only things I watch..
MSNBC, FOX News, and CNN
A&E (Intervention, Hoarders, Huge)
True Blood
Mad Men

But like I said before, there are other ways to get most of that, that doesn't include paying $120/month.....Stay tuned....What about you? Are you with me on this one...or could you never see yourself not paying a TV provider.


Brett said...

Wow your logical constructions are bizarre. That aside, I have been off cable / satellite for a couple of years and don't miss it. Of course, I could care less about sports.

joeymax said...

i agree with you man all i watch in directv is fox sports, espn, showtime, hbo

Bible Thumpin' Mike in Omaha said...

I gave up cable/satellite probably while you were still in Chico. Mainly a money thing at the time and have not gone back.
We only watched movies since then really. And gave up that about 2 months ago. Sold our only TV last month.
I still follow sports on the radio and by reading articles and box scores.
I will be listening to the "big game" this weekend only to see how the Chico kid does for Green Bay.
It will be my first Superbowl since the Janet Jackson year. BTW her actions have nothing to do with my abandoning of the game, just happens to be the only thing I remember from it.