Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Matt, my Dad and I went to Chicago for 2 days for Matt's 35th birthday..

Here is my take on the city.....Amazing City!  Great food and culture..midwestern hospitality and all of that.  

The Highlight of the trip was Wrigley Field which is probably in an exact tie now with Fenway park for coolest baseball stadium outside of the Ravine.  We sat through a 1:15 min rain delay in 30 degree wind chill and then the entire game as well but it was worth it!

Cross this off the "bucket list"

Waveland Avenue

We took a 2 hour bus tour of Al Capones Chicago which was good..then we got to walk around and do some sightseeing and look at the river, the lake, millenium park, the outside of the Sears (too long of a line to go in) and we got to do this on a sunny day with about 65 degree weather on Saturday.  

In Front of the River on Michigan Avenue

Other than the amazingly bad weather that Chicago gets...it gets my vote as one of the best cities in America


Brett said...

Sweet. Sonds llke you had a great time. Buhlsss... Behrsss... Dit Kah....

namie said...

So glad you had a good time in Chicago. What better than to watch a baseball game in another city. Love you, Grandma

Bible Thumpin' Mike in Utah said...

Can you post more pictures from inside Wrigley?

Garrett said...

I have a couple but they are bad..it was a grey and cold day