Thursday, June 2, 2011

Scan and Toss and NFC Payments

Paper, Paper everywhere...but it never needs to be that way for any of us..

====Garrett in 2011

All my books are in the cloud

All my music will be in the cloud on monday

All of my movies and tv shows are stored on harddrives and not dvds (and soon so shall the blu rays)

With the nice scanner that I have, I can take all of my paper records and scan them and toss them on dropbox...when we get letters from the boys schools, or anything paper, I just scan and toss the dead tree.  Once it is scanned I can access it anywhere, from my Iphone, Ipad, or computer.  But the revolution has growing pains...papers can pile at times, and when they do, I sing my "scan and toss" song.

When I walk into a dental practice and see all of these paper records I want to grab the doctor and scream!  "Scan and Toss!!"   But slowly and surely there are more and more paperless offices emerging.

So to conclude......CLOUD CLOUD CLOUD......Put your papers in the cloud!  Tra la never need to have a bunch of papers lying around your house...

And now part two:  NFC payments (not football)

What could be more obsolete than your wallet?  Really all we need is our Iphones....Cop stops you and asks for your license?  Wave your phone at his mobile scanner...Need to pay for something?...wave your phone at the scanner..(I already do this at Starbucks)  Within a few years this will be standard.  (Except for the old lady who still writes out a check at the supermarket)


Brett said...

Paperless, yes. eStatements. Kindle. Scan and toss. Preach it Gar. You're singing my song. I love it.

Bible Thumpin' Mike in Utah said...

Ok, Garrett, you are way out of my league. I really have no idea how your phone can do this stuff.
You are assuming that everyone will have access to all of this technology to be able to in this cloud.
Yes, I have paper files for everything. I have lost everything on my computer twice this year and 6 times in that last 4 years. I cannot imagine scanning and just letting it go if I need it.
I am not sure about the iphone thing, my phone is the cheapest MetroPCS phone I could find, so it wont even take pictures.
Oh, and I am a cash only buyer. No banks, credit cards etc.
I dont like this new world you speak of and embrace. ha ha