Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dodgers continue to sleepwalk

Worst of both worlds again tonite as the Rockies win and the Dodgers lose. Thankfully the Cardinals also lost, but Philly did gain one game against LA for the best record in the NL. I am trying not to get too worried but yikes, the Dodgers have been playing their worst ball all season on this road trip.

So we'll reload again tomorrow...the magic number is still 1....and the NL west title champagne is still on ice....

Games to watch tomorrow.....Phillies v Astros
Cardinals v Reds
Brewers v Rockies

If the Dodgers keep homefield than Matt and I will be at game 1 of the NLDS against either the Phillies or Cards one week from tomorrow October 7.....if not we will be at game 3 of the NLDS on Saturday October 10th


Serenity NOW said...

Go Dodgers. Lucky Angels get to play the Red Sox in the first round...............NOT!!