Monday, September 28, 2009

Dodgers get attacked by Pirates

Well on a Monday morning needing only one win to secure the NL West Title, the Dodgers decided to have their worst game of the season, losing to Zack Duke and the Pirates 11-1. So they finish their 4 game series losing 3 out of 4 and are now in danger of losing their homefield advantage throughout the playoffs if they don't get it together tomorrow against the Padres.

Games of note today...Phillies play the Astros...Go Stros!!
Braves play the Marlins
Rockies and Cardinals are both off.

Dodgers will clinch NL West tomorrow with a win or a Rockie loss (Rockies play 3 against the Brewers starting tomorrow)


Serenity NOW said...

Rock on Dodgers and Angels too.

Love ya, Susan