Monday, December 14, 2009

Garrett's 10 best films from the 1990's

These lists can be addicting once you start, and the more I thought about my list for this decade, the truth is folks last decade was even better for strap in and here we go with my 10 best/favorite films of last decade

10. Pulp Fiction====The classic masterpiece that revolutionized a genre and spawned a zillion imitators. Watching this movie is so much fun.

9. Braveheart====They may take our lives, but they'll never take OUR FREEDOM! Mel the Mad Genius knocks it out of the park with this classic epic.

8. Forrest Gump===Tom Hanks creates one of the most memorable characters in movie history in this funny, touching, and moving film

7. Fargo=====Totally original quirky funny fascinating

6. LA Confidential=====Not since Chinatown has there been a better noir film about LA in the 1950's...Curtis Hanson perfectly captures the era and puts Russell Crowe on the map

5. Boogie Nights=====One of my all time favorites, this movie has so many classic moments and lines, PT Anderson's direction feels alive and Fun!

4. Slingblade=====The Citizen Kane of redneck films....Billy Bob Thorton created an enduring masterpiece with this one...the fact that he wrote and directed this movie and created the character is astonishing

3. The Matrix=====Speaking of Astonishing! This movie is mindbendingly surreal and totally revolutionary....The Wachowski Brothers created one of the best Sci Fi action, Kung Fu movies of all time

2. Goodfellas=====Next to GF I and II this is the best Mafia movie ever made and is one of the most quotable and rewatchable films that I know of.

1. The Silence of the Lambs====My pick for the best movie of the decade is the all time classic movie that swept the academy awards and rightfully so. The best psychological thriller ever, one of the greatest villains ever, this is a perfect masterpiece of a film and one that never gets old.


Serenity NOW said...

So much for the hiatus.


Grandma Dee said...

Great movies, indeed! Will see some that I failed to see in this and the 90s decade. Still remember watching the Shining with you and the Freddy Krueger movies. Ran the gamut! Love, D