Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Scientology and Tom Cruise

Just by writing this blog I could be labeled a SP (Supressive Person) according to those who worship LRH (L Ron Hubbard) with that said...Scientology is a dangerous cult that is harmful to us. It comes to us in many fronts..Nanconon. Criminon...Applied Scholastics......Here is Tom Cruise (Class 4 Level VII Operating Thetan) explaining the value of AS or "Study Tech" a costly 'education' that is supposedly the best in the history of the world.....Maybe I am a suppressive...after all I was a pharmaceutical rep....enjoy Toms rant on Study Tech....

And this is the famous "award ceremony" Where Tom Cruise is extolling the virtues of LRH and Cult Leader David Miscavige the COB (Chairman of the Board) of Scientology....David Miscavige is other then LRH....the single greatest man Cruise has ever met, and he's met them all. Enjoy the wackiness if you haven't already seen this one. It includes the Nazi Style salute to a giant picture of Science Fiction writer L Ron Hubbard....and please enjoy cult leader Miscavige talk about how they want to eradicate physciatry and bring LRH solutions to all governments...this nonsense is endlessly fascinating to me.

"Religion should not cost its members money"
===Garrett Riley


dole2obama said...

He puts the meaning in a meaningless life-
I think that T. Cruise is seeking meaning in his life and is trying to use his fame/money to build a legacy to prove to the world that he is not just an overpaid actor. Hollywood has a long history of stars going to absurd lengths to show the world that they are serious and substantive people. Scientology gives him a reason to continue to make and produce movies so he can use his fame to convert more people (and their wallets) to Scientology. Ain't religion fascinating?