Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sarah Palin Reads Cheat notes on her Hand!!!

The teabaggers paid her 100K to dress up and show her legs and give a prepared speech. In this speech she criticized Obama for reading his prepared speeches from a teleprompter....During the hard hitting Q/A portion, Palin had written some notes on her hand!!!! The Youtube poster didn't know at the time what the words that Sarah wrote on her hand (like an 8th grader writing cheat notes) but Grabbaggar can report the words are "Energy" "Tax" and "Lift American spirits" is a close up of her hand

And here is the Youtube video...Classic!!!

Update ***********White House Press Secretary has just mocked Palin.....and I didn't see the embed codes so I couldn't directly post it, but if you want a devastatingly funny take on this debacle, google "colbert palin retard" to watch a clip from the "Colbert Report" Skewing how Palin said it was not OK for Rahm Emanuel to use the term "retard" but it was OK for Rush Limbaugh to use that same term.


Let Freedom Ring said...

Perhaps BHO should adopt the same method as Sarah and actually do his own thinking. That way he wouldn't mess up like he did when he read the words on his best friend the teleprompter that said corpsmen and he stupidly pronounced it "corpsemen". Now that is shameful!

Brett said...


I'm having a hard time reading between the lines here... do you like Palin?


dole2obama said...

Only LFR (Let Freedom Ring) could try to turn a post about Sarah Palin writing on her hand (how old is she)into an attack on our commander in chief! You know, I might be getting a little bit older and my memory must be going but I do not remember LFR calling the President "stupid" or "shameful" when W. unleashed these gems on the American public:

1) "They misunderestimated me"
-Nov 6, 200
2) "Rareley is the questioned asked; Is our children learning?"
-Jan 11, 200
3) "There's an old sayin in Tennesee-I know it's in Texas, proably in Tennesse-that says, fool me once, shame on, shame on you. Fool me, you can't get fooled again."
-Sept 17, 2002
4) "Too many good docs are getting out of the business. Too many OBGYNs aren't able to practive their love with women all across the country."
-Sept 6, 2004
5) "Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream."
-Oct 18, 2000

And my all time favorite from W

"People say, how can I help on this war against terror? How can I fight evil? You can do so by going into a shutin's house and say I love you."
-Sept. 19, 2002

I would love to hear LFR's thoughts on the chronically unprepared and unqualified Palin.

Let Freedom Ring said...

Only doletoobama could turn the Sarah Palin jotting notes on her hand "blog" and my bringing up BHO and the corpsemen comment and turn it into, once again more attacks on President George W. Bush. But hey W. is an easy target. After all everything that has happened the past year and 1 month is W's. fault, you betcha'. Got polls?

Love ya, Susan

Garrett said...

Allright, I think I'll stick my oar in this one...Every politician has made verbal gaffes, and every politician reads from a teleprompter. But what we saw with Palin is something we have never seen before....writing cheat notes on your hand is a completely new one for me.

With regards to the President mispronouncing "corpsman" I myself didn't know specifically what a navy corpsman is and I most likely would have mispronounced it myself if I were reading it off of a teleprompter.....and I hold a college degree in Political Science...

President Bush is not a stupid man either and he had his share of gaffes outlined by matt that we all know and love...

But what both President Bush and President Obama have never done is write cheat notes on their hands... Palin is a circus sideshow who is nowhere near as educated and as smart as virtually all the Presidents in recent memory......I honestly don't get why the religious right is so excited by her....all I can think of is because she is good looking.

Let Freedom Ring said...

First of all Palin wasn't taking a final exam when she had the answers written on her hand. They were NOT cheat notes. They were areas that she wanted to make sure she covered, simple as that. Alot of speaker's have different forms of what areas they want to cover in an interview or in any public venue. Whether it be note cards or whatever fits their comfort zone. What is the big deal that Palin put it on her hand? With regard to corpsmen, Garrett I think you would have known how to pronounce it. But for the CIC not to know how to pronounce it is once again (sorry Matt)shameful and disrespectful to those that serve in that capacity. He should at the very least apologize to the corpsmen. BTW, Palin is a force whether you like it or not. If she wasn't the left in this country and the msm wouldn't have hissy fits every time she appears on stage. One last note, just because someone holds a college degree doesn't automatically make them the smartest person in the world. If they lack common sense all the education in the world will not make them a better leader than someone less educated.

Love ya, Susan

Garrett said...

All right here are a couple questions for my loving Aunt susan...

1. Should George Bush apologize for mispronouncing Nuclear, as Nuculur...why isn't this an insult to our military as well who are charged with protecting us from nuclear attack

2. If Sarah Palin really cared about "the people" why did she quit her job as governor of Alaska, where she could have continued to exercise her great leadership...Follow up "Great leaders" commonly quit their jobs that the they are elected to?

3. Wouldn't you agree that in generally speaking a college educated person is more qualified to be the President of the US then I lesser educated person?

Please answer my questions, and feel free to ask me any that you want to.

Brett said...

Gar - you're questions is good... and I mean the wons wear you first wayed in - regarding the question, 'what are the big deal?'

I have tried to figure that out, myself. My best guess is because she is NOT what the Republican party is used to. I think she has demonstrated this in two ways.

First she is not an old white man. To have something of a rock-star personality is much more a Democrat thing and so I think a lot of people like that.

The other thing is that her speech at the convention she was not timid. The Republicans have been plagued by timidity for decades - so far as the candidates (not talk show hosts) go. Not since Regan have you had someone who was willing to throw a punch and I think people were finally happy to see that.

Of course... then the wheels fell of the bus... can we say the Couric interview? OUCH!!!

Ultimately my best guess is that people are in love with the idea that the Republican party can be young, sexy and feisty. So they over look the fact that she called Europe a country.

Your religious right thoughts are probably on the money too. I am sure the Evangelicals just want to have one of their own in there. But I don't think that is the whole answer.

Let Freedom Ring said...

First question............NO

Second question.........because she could not serve her state because of being attacked from every side of the left wing attack machine. She could not govern under the circumstances surrounding her. She did it for the people of Alaska that voted her into office to serve the people. Other's may have stayed in office to feed their ego's....Palin chose not to do that.

Third question.........No I would not agree with that completely. Examples of more educated people: Bill Clinton, John Edwards and a slew of other politicians, Dems and Reps.alike were perhaps more educated in SEX than poli-sci. While I agree that a formal education is extremely important I don't necessarily agree that one has to have it to be the President of the United States. You can have the best degree in the world BUT if you have no common sense one can completely be out of their element when it comes to common sense ideas and decisions.

If you don't like Palin than why do you post blogs about her....huh?

Love ya, Susan

Garrett said...

I write blogs about Sarah Palin because she is interesting to write about, I don't just write blogs about people I like...Have to disagree with you on your reasons why she quit...In fact my reasons are 180 degrees the opposite of yours! Having a difficult time understanding how she isn't feeding her ego when she cashes in on a major book deal, commands huge speaking fees, has a guest spot on Fox News, Takes money to exploit her children in the same "media" she decries....seems to me it would have been a much harder road to continue on as Governor of Alaska, she absolutely took the easy way out.......

And Brett my friend, you have nailed the reason why she is so popular amongst the tea baggers! It is also ironic that she makes fun of Obama for being a great speaker, when she herself gave a great speech in the Repub Nat Convention, and then fell apart when she was pressed for specifics.

Garrett said...

One more question Susan...Should all Republican politicians quit their jobs because of the 'left wing political attack machines' By your logic shouldn't President Bush have quit because he couldn't govern because of the same "attack machine" Did he take the easy way and not quit to feed his ego?

Also isn't it a sign of weakness when you cry uncle and quit because you are being attacked? This is what she signed up for! She could have told John McCain no.

Here is the reason why she quit....$ and ego....all her talk about serving the people of Alaska and using her expertise in "Energy" was proved a bunch of baloney, and she is nothing but a lying quitter!

Let Freedom Ring said...

First of all the meaning of "tea bagger" is very lewd. Look it up. There are many splinters groups of the Tea Party movement. I am sure you can google the word tea bagger and pin in on one of the tea party groups as having used the term. However the tea party that I belong to is disgusted with the use of tea bagger in the msm and the left. Second of all is Sarah Palin the only politician that gets paid for public speaking appearances? I think NOT! Third and not last I completely disagree with you that Sarah used her down syndrome child and her daughter who had a baby out of wedlock to cash in on the bucks by appearing on the cover of People. I applaud her for having the courage to share her beautiful down syndrome child that she could have aborted. Bringing awareness that just because the fetus you are carrying is not perfect that one should abort is a powerful message. Also with regard to her single daughter becoming pregnant. I think she sent a clear message that once again there is another option if your teenage child becomes pregnant. At least she was open about the challenges in her life. Not like John Edwards who cheated on his wife. His mistress then became pregnant with his child and he denied the child was his. UNTIL his former aide came out with his book last week telling ALL in what was a disgusting trail of lies. All in the name of POWER!! I ask you who is the better person? Love ya

Garrett said...

Sarah Palin was paid 100K for that cover in which she posed with her minor children and grandkids .I am not sure how that isn't using your family to cash in...please enlighten me?

I posted a blog on John Edwards calling him a hypocrite and a creep, I am not sure why you are bringing him up in this context.

I thought you were Pro-Choice, if you are Pro-Life please let me know what changed your mind.

I guess no answer to the question about W and should he have also quit because he was also under attack by the "Liberal attack machine"

Garrett said...

I know what Tea Bagging is! I use it because "Tea Party" directly refers to a revolutionary act.. and seems to advocate an overthrow of the United States
Of course we have "the right to petition our government for a redress of grievances" But I have the right to bring up my point which is..... What I don't like about the movement is the name "Tea Party" it harkens back to a Seditious event....a Revolutionary is someone who wants to overthrow the government and is by definition an "anti-American"

So the grassroots movement is great, the name however stinks, change it....

Let Freedom Ring said...

Why should it matter how much someone gets paid?? Does it ever occur to you that they may just have a worthy cause to donate some of the money they are being paid. For instance Palin received $100,000 to speak at the Tea Party rally. However she has stated that she will donate the money back to the cause. One can choose to believe her or not. With regard to W. and why didn't he quit the Presidency since he was hammered by the left and the msm every single day. I think while being the Governor of a state is a very big responsibility I don't think it quite compares to being President of the United States. Initially I was very surprised and somewhat disappointed in Palins decision to step down and turn the reins over to her Lt. Gov. for the final year of her term. However it became very clear that she was unable to govern the state of Alaska with all the suits that were being slung her way. She would have been spending tax payers money to defend herself in what amounted to nothing more than a witch hunt. Agree or not I think she made the right decision for her state. While I am pro choice I still respect the pro life movement. In the end what really counts is neither the intensity of our feelings nor the certainty of our convictions provides any assurance that we are right. There are people just as intense and just as certain who think they're right. Maybe we are both right. Maybe neither of us are right. And maybe, in the end, it's just a matter of opinion.
Love ya, Susan

Brett said...

Wow... all of this from some crib notes... :)

Gar, I am intrigued by a statement you made at the end of your last post. You said, 'a Revolutionary is someone who wants to overthrow the government and is by definition an "anti-American"'

That is one packed statement. I don't want to (mis)read into, so could you unpack it for me?

I think I understand that you mean that the American Revolutionaries were anti-England. Therefore, those who might seek to overthrow the American government, would be anti-American. Is that what you mean? If not, please correct me.

If so, what do you mean by the government? And what constitutes an overthrow of that?

Finally, do you think that some could argue that because Revolution was so endemic to our national identity that it is not, necessarily, anti-American? In other words, is it possible that it is not, by definition, 'anti' depending on the context in which it takes place?

Perhaps this should take place in a new blog post rather than one about temporary hand tattoos and their benefit for political hopefuls.

dole2obama said...

I strongly recommend reading the book "Game Changer" to get an inside look at all the candidates. This is not so "liberal" book but a true account of the fascinating 08 race.

With Palin it is all about the context of the question she was asked. She was asked in the video about her top three priorities when the conservatives took back congress and she was only able to rattle off one answer, one answer, before she had to look at her hand for talking points. These are supposed to be her core beliefs that she should be able to recite in her sleep. So, it forces you to ask the question, who is Sarah Palin? It is a fact that she quit her job as a governor to cash in and rake in the big bucks. Palin gets away with it because she is a woman with kids. If a man pulled that same stunt, as Garrett said if W quit because he was "being attacked" we would all think that W was a huge.....wimp for quitting. Palin has charged the taxpayers of Alaska over 100K for her KIDS to travel all over America. She used her PAC money to buy $64,000 bucks worth of a book that she did not write. She is simply doing the most American of all things, cashing in on her fame. She is not a leader, she does not care about "America," she only cares about making money. This is why she disrespected the tea-baggers by showing up with notes on her hand and being unprepared for an intellectual debate. She knew she could get away with it and the tea-baggers would defend her; just like when she quit her job in Alaska.

Let Freedom Ring said...

It continues to amaze me how such a stupid, ignorant,selfish, quitter, horrible mother,horrible wife, horrible daughter, liar, cheater,moose killer, probably a husband beater too, like Sarah Palin continues to drive those on the left and the MSM so crazy. I am just scratching my head over the whole thing. If she is such a dim wit and a loser than why all the hoopla over what she does from the time she gets out of bed in the morning until the time she goes to bed at night. Just curious.

Garrett said...

Brett--I was trying to make the point that the original Tea Party was "anti-British" this group has aligned themselves with a revolution, the country they are now revolting against is their own country. They need to change the name.

Pauly said...

Wow, I haven't been checking the Riley blogs for awhile, but some things never change....

Here's my 2 cents - Palin is scary to many not because she is a strong, experienced, and popular politician(formerly), but because she is an ignorant, uneducated, and popular politician. She represents a certain population in America that scoffs at knowledge and is resentful towards logic, reason, and history. I don't think she stands a chance as a general election candidate, but the entity she represents is not only scary, but embarrassing and shameful that there's such a fervor of support for such idiocy in this country which is regardless of political or religious spectrum.

Serenity NOW said...

I would vote Palin before I would EVER vote for Obama.

the Captain of Serenitynow, Dennis

Let Freedom Ring said...

It's amazing to me that the left and the MSM are so threatened by Palin that it is all that can talk about. Pretty sad when there are so many issues that need to be addressed at this time of great peril in this country!! Love ya, Susan

Garrett said...

Yes my friend, I guess you will also agree that it is equally sad that right now on the headline is about Republicans sending valentine cards that mock or attack Obama. Sad that foxiness focuses on this when there are so many problems in the world.

Garrett said...

Captain, yes I know, not only would you vote for Palin against Obama, but you would vote for her against any Democrat and most moderate republicans! (:

Garrett said...

Susan help me understand, you said "All the MSM is talking about is Palin" However when I go to there is no mention of her name anywhere on the site.....Can you tell me what I am missing?

Pauly said...

Well, I would expect SN and LFR to vote any breathing Repub over a terrorist loving, Stalin emulating, Hitler following Dem like Obama, but the real question is would they vote for Palin over an intelligent and rational Repub like Bill Kristol, Ron Paul, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Colin Powell, Joe Scarborough, Jeb Bush, etc, etc...

dole2obama said...

I welcome you to the discussion but you have not said why you would vote for Sarah Palin over Obama. Is it just blind loyalty to the Republican party? Do you think she is qualified to be President? What are her plans or ideas that you agree with? Why are so many of McCains aides going on the record to tell the American people how dangerously unqualified she is? Curious to hear your thoughts......

Serenity NOW said...

Aloha Pauly, Matt et al:

10 REASONS I would vote for SP over O?

10. She loves her country, believes in God and knows how to use a gun/rifle.

9. She's has experience and a successful legacy of running a city and governing a state.

8. She believes that less government is better than larger government.

7. SP has an autistic child and an unwed daughter with child and she has "manned" up to it.

6. She knows that our country has the natural resources and the know how, to be energy independent.

5. She believes that reducing taxes will stimulate the economy and create more jobs.

4. SP knows that job creation should be in the private sector. Creating more government jobs is not the answer and a waste of taxpayer money.

3. She's charismatic.

2. She has common sense and can relate to the majority of Americans.

AND THE NUMBER 1 REASON I WOULD VOTE FOR SARAH PALIN...she was the point guard on her high school basketball team and she knows how to lead!

SERENITY NOW & the capt...out

Garrett said...

Allright to Capn and LFR...honestly as much as you would like her to know there isn't a snowballs chance in hell that she ever gets the Republican nomination for President.

Let Freedom Ring said...

Great post by SN........ and while I agree with dennis's post on palin we both have our own opinions. Let's keep them seperate from one another. Luv ya

Let Freedom Ring said...

Looks like Palin isn't the only person that jots down notes on her hand. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)had notes written on her hand during a debate for governor in 1990. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............I wonder if there will be the same wall to wall coverage on Feinstein as there was with Palin, I think NOT!! Love ya, Susan