Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Where would we live if we didn't live in Southern Calfornia

Well first off I can tell you it will be nowhere near the south san joaquin valley (Bakersfield) :)

We are perfectly happy here in the Santa Clarita Valley and have absolutely no plans or desire to move anywhere else...but if we did......

There are 3 Finalists, 1. The Pacific Northwest....2. Phoenix......3....Denver

And the winner is...Denver!! And here are a few reasons why....

I went there for the first time last August to hang out with my brothers and go hiking and attend a Rockies Dodgers game at Coors Field, and from those couple days there I really liked what I saw...I liked the following things...

The Mountains: I love being around mountains, it gives me a sense of perspective and security...(Santa Clarita is surrounded on all sides by mountains and foothills)

The best of both worlds: Hey what if you could put a world class city in the middle of an Alpine environment...You would have everything that is great about a City..MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL (only when the Raiders come (:) and have endless hiking trails and skiing all in one place.

The Quality of Life: It seemed to me that Coloradans enjoy a great quality of life and perhaps a slower pace...of course everywhere outside of so cal is a "slower pace" unless you live in Manhattan.

The Changing of the Seasons: Yes I know it is ridiculously cold in the winter but it would be cool to live in a place where it snows and you can ski all the time whenever you want to.

And that is the answer to the poll question...thank you for playing!

Where would you live if you weren't living where you are?...(you can't pick the same state)


Brett said...


You forgot another reason for Denver - home of the world famous Kindle Chronicles.

If we could live anywhere else, I think we would go back to Florida maybe. It's just another world there... always summer... which is sort of the opposite of the Northwest.


Grandma Dee said...

Wow, Garrett, very revealing! Denver is an awesome place. Now I have my sister, my nephew, the Neuberts and other friends living there and they love it. Yes, it is definitely a slower pace with a greater focus on outdoor sports and health and not so much on what you have and what you wear. Refreshing.

If I could live anywhere else, I think it would be outside of Seattle or in a small town in New Hampshire. I guess NH wins, with the Lake, the color change, a slower pace of life and not so much emphasis on the material. Yes, I think that would be good. But, we are staying in CA. Good poll!

Grandma Dee

dole2obama said...

Here is my top three:
1) Hawaii-guess why?
2) Montana
3) Colorado

Let Freedom Ring said...

My 3 picks would be:

1. Pacific I love cold and I love rain.
2. San Francisco Bay area......cooler than So Cal.
3. the 4 seasons but not sure I would like the summer.

I could move from Calif. in a heart beat if it wasn't for all our family living here. Too hard to leave family, that's for sure.

Love ya, Susan

Jason, as himself said...

I'm also very content living here. IT would be hard for me to pick another place that I would like as much. Sometimes I think it would be fun to live in a big city, other times I would love a deserted island...and I've always said it I win the lottery I would buy a big beautiful place in Santa Barbara.

Anyway, Garrett, thank you for stopping by The Jason Show and for taking the time to read my story and leave such a supportive comment. I appreciate it.

It took me a couple minutes to figure out how you and I are connected...but I got it now! I'm sure I'll be seeing you in the near future.