Saturday, February 26, 2011

Grabbaggar's Quick reviews of best picture nominees

Black Swan:  Tasha and I watched a pirated copy of this movie together in our very own Cinema Du Elisandra.   "The white swan, comes naturally to you..but what I want to see is your black swan"  It was a privilege to see Natalie become the Black Swan...very original and safe to say the best ballerina movie in history.

The Fighter:  Didn't see it

Inception:  I almost didn't want to like this movie, and I went into watching it with a bad attitude, but during the film I got sucked into the concept and imagery and the mind bending story of a dream, within a dream, within a dream

The Kids are All Right:  Good movie, it is about a lesbian couple Anette Benning and Julianne Moore and how their adopted kids find their biological father.  Tasha and I both liked it.

The Kings Speech:  Didn't see it

127 Hours:  How to make a movie interesting when everyone knows the ending?  Well they did it here, with a great performance by James Franco, and tight swift pacing....and the payoff is amazing.

The Social Network:  My pick for Best Picture.  The Godfather of Tech movies will win best film, and it will be well deserved.

Toy Story 3:  Perfect ending to the trilogy.  When Andy goes away to college and gives his toys to that little girl....impossible not to cry if you are a parent.

True Grit:  Didn't See it

Winters Bone:  Hidden gem of the nominated films, very good movie, authentic, gripping and real.  Sticks with you and well worth seeing.

So of the ones I have seen I choose "The Social Network"  although I would not be surprised if "The Kings Speech" takes it based on the buzz.


Brett said...

Wow. I've seen three of these. Toy Story 3 was fun, but not a best picture. Inception was a great concept and should win something for innovation and originality. But (out of the three I've seen) I would agree that Social Network was the best. I think this area is where Sorkin shines. Studio 60 and Sports New (or whatever it was) just don't work with his tempo and issue laden writing. West Wing and Social Network beg for it. Good stuff.