Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Steve Jobs unveils the IPad 2

The Ipad 2 looks awesome, but what was even more heartening was after the internet rumors and reports of only 6 weeks to live...Jobs looked great.  We got to see the master at work at least one more time and hopefully for many years to come.  In his trademark outfit Jobs poked fun at the hapless copycat competitors like samsung and motorola, while pointing out some really cool new Ipad apps like Photo Booth and Imovie, and for me the one that I think will be my personal favorite..Garage Band.

Jobs pointed out that they had sold more ipads in 9 months (15 million) then all the tablet PCs in history.   Ipad 2 will be thinner, lighter, and faster, and include 2 cameras as well.  Pricing will remain the same as well as the amazing 10 hour battery life.

Jobs closed the keynote by reaffirming apples mission...the perfect melding between technology and liberal arts.  He reminded us why Apple is the most amazing tech company in history.  And he got this Apple geek all kinds of fired up!!!!!

Long Live STEVE!!!!!!!!!


Brett said...


Great stuff. I wish there had been more, but the speed, camera and size reduction are worth the price of admission. The new cover is amazing.

But what's the deal with no preorders?