Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Are you kidding me?!!!!

On Manny Ramierez Bobblehead night, the best hitter in baseball comes in to pinch hit with the bases loaded and a 2-2 tie....first pitch boom Grand Slam! This was the second greatest regular season moment I have seen in I was lucky enough to be at the famous 4 homerun game. We were all going crazy in the stands! My team is the best team in the MLB and Matt and I are lucky enough to have a 1/3 season ticket package!


Sailing Vessel Serenity NOW said...

The Dodger's definately ROCK!!!
Is Manny the bobblehead going to be making an appearance on S.N.?

dole2obama said...

It was a night to remember in Chavez Ravine. Baseball is such a great sport because the anticipation builds up to a fever pitch and than Manny delivers and we all go bonkers! What a game! It was my number 2 all-time regular season moment as Steve Finely jacking it to beat the Giants and clinch 1st place is my number 1

Grandma Dee said...

So, what about the Kirk Gibson home run? My all-time favorite with the cocking of his arm. Although, Manny's was pretty darned exciting. How cool that you both have the Manny bobblehead and your ticket stub from the game. That'll be worth something more than the going rate of $50-70, especially after Manny hits the winning home run for the Dodgers to win the World Series! Only wish that it could be against Boston.

Paula said...

So glad that that you were THERE when this memory-making moment happened!!
Love, Mom