Monday, July 27, 2009


I figure if I didn't write a quick post on Catalina Susan might say to herself "Garrett didn't write a blog about Catalina, he wrote a blog about Dodger which is kinda weird, I hope he had a good time in Catalina"

So here it is folks....First time in Catalina since 1994 and first ever to the Two harbors was great, I like the isthmus, it is a world away from Los Angeles and is one of the features of this area that makes it so cool to live in this area...All the Channel Islands are great, and I have been to 3 of them...I didn't take too many pictures because there were plenty taken by Dennis and Matt....but I took one of the pier.

Big thanks to our gracious host Dennis, the Captain of 'Serenity Now'......even if he did call me a wussy for almost passing out on our hike... (:


Sailing Vessel Serenity NOW said...


Awesome trip. Let's do it again. Next time with Tash and the boys.

The Capt.