Saturday, August 8, 2009

A few words about Josh Hamilton

So another pro athlete is "caught" by another rat who posted pictures on the internet. Josh Hamilton is a great story, he has tons of natural talent, but threw away about 5 years of his baseball life in a drug and alcohol spiral. Incredibly he had come out of all that and became a superstar last year at the Homerun derby. He is likeable and his is a great story. He "wrote" a book about his transformation which he credits largely to a religious faith. comes out that there are all kinds of pictures of him partying with some ladies and having a great time. Folks guess what, I don't care what kind of public persona the players in the show put on, or what you think you know about them. After game time, the majority of them party until dawn, enjoying endless amounts of free booze, drugs, and sex...its the culture, its just what you do as a ballplayer. And the wifes look the other way loving the cash and the fact they get so much attention as "Mrs. Josh Hamilton"

So to the rats who took pictures of Phelps, and Hamilton, I wish you in the wish you could be Josh Hamilton! There folks, I've said my peace


dole2obama said...

Tony Soprano would love your immense hatred of "rats"

Brett said...

At the end of the day, Gar, you're right. What kind of person looks to an athlete for guidance... whether that's to figure out what kind of car to buy, what religion to adhere to or how to live? They're jocks for goodness sake!

However, that is still a different reality than saying the loser sponsors who chose to use the reputations of athletes or celebrities don't have the option to dump the celebrities like Josh Hamilton's latest one night stand when the reputation of said celebrity is no longer marketable. Easy come, easy go... que sera, sera.

Oh, and by the way, before your post... never heard of Josh Hamilton.

Bible Thumpin' Mike in Utah said...

I think I agree with you on this Garrett. Although it does not go along with the Baptist line.

I dont agree or condone his past lifestyle. I cannot say that they all are doing it after every game, but after some quotes from Jeff Kent last year about the young guys on the Dodgers, i should.

But with Josh Hamilton,
1- If he says he slipped back in AZ early this year and that is not now his normal way of life, i will believe the guy. I have seen quite a few ex drinkers trying to fix up their lives get back with their old crowd for a time and they slip up. It happens, they are human dealing with tough circumstances. Hamilton was with his team mates (as seen in the pictures) at a bar and went a little wild.
2- It is none of my business, so, even if he apologizes and explains the pictures, he owes me no apology. So I am not too worried about it. It is between him, God and his family. As far as i know he has done me no wrong.
3- He is an idiot, everything is on camera now a days. Be like Big Ben and Kobe- take it to the hotel so I do not have to hear about it, cover the peep hole so you do not have to be like Erin Andrews, but please do not rape anyone. (Yes i find Ben and Kobe guilty in the court of mike's opinion).

And maybe you will not have to have a press conference.