Monday, August 10, 2009

Garrett's Dodger Stadium Pet Peeves

Since 1977 I have attended approximately 300 Dodger games. I love the stadium and I especially like our new better seats on the Loge level..but there are certain things that drive me nuts (Thanks to for some of these)

  • Cheering when the opposing team executes a sacrifice (Hey morons, just because the dodgers recorded an out, the other team has just scored a run or put themselves in scoring position!)
  • As soon as the Dodgers hit a ball into the air half the stadium thinks its a homerun
  • People who can't find their seats (This drives me nuts more than anything else..the aisles and seats are all clearly marked! It couldn't be any easier...I am sick and tired of dopes walking around like zombies unable to figure out this simplicity)
  • People not waiting for a break in the action to mosey back to their seats
  • The Way the Dodgers handle stadium entry (OK this is more a Dodger problem then fan problem....Dodger stadium is a 5 level park and you can only enter your level or below...everytime I wait to get in at the Loge level there are people with tickets to the reserved that are told to step out of line and go climb some stairs)
  • Beach balls and the wave...specifically the booing when a wave isn't picked up or a beach ball is hit to a lower level or taken by an usher..this is inane
  • Booing when an opposing team throws to first to keep runners on or have conferences on the mound...(it's called baseball people if you don't like it either don't boo or don't show up)
  • For some reason when a family decides to get food everyone has to stand up in the middle of the game to talk about it...Hey fatso, figure out how many Dodger Dogs you and your awful wife want to slam down your gullets..and then quickly exit the seating area
  • Specific for this season...the singing of "God Bless America" during the seventh objection to this has nothing to do with religion..but the fact that this charade disrupts the flow of the is about fun, tradition and escape..everyone loves to sing "Take Me out to the ballgame" and nothing else..besides we already have the national anthem before every game.
  • The 8th inning playing of "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey at every game no matter what.

*****Authors note despite all of this I will continue to get my 27 game flex pack on Loge 151 K seats 1,2 Because I love it.


Brett said...



Bible Thumpin' Mike in Utah said...

I only wish I could be suffering through with you.

I have never been to Dodger Stadium with any bad reviews. But i would get annoyed at God Bless America

Bible Thumpin' Mike in Utah said...

Never been a big fan of Broxton. I would rather see Sherrill in there AGAIN!!

Broxton throws hard but last year he let too many get away down the stretch when he fillied in for Saito, and he looks to be on that trach again.

Unknown said...

On the fifth bullet point, did you mean that you can only enter your level or above, not below?

Garrett said...

Correct dean...I was just seeing if you were paying attention :)

Bible Thumpin' Mike in Utah said...

Another pet peaeve,

Jonathon Broxton pitching in the ninth inning. Yeah i know there was an error, but c'mon this guy is aweful in the second half of the season.

Why cant he take a line drive in August?

Bible Thumpin' Mike in Utah said...

BROXTON !!!!!!
Cards 3
Dodgers 2

Garrett said...

I was at the game Mike! Don't remind me...something is wrong with big Hoss