Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Garrett's top reasons why I love Dodger Stadium

After posting my satirical blog yesterday I thought it only fair to recite why I love going to games....

  • History--Dodger Stadium opened in 1962 and is the third oldest park behind Fenway and Wrigely...Koufax pitched there...Gibson hit the homerun there..Garvey, Cey, Lopes, and Russell played there...I can close my eyes and still see that Garvey homerun, or that Piazza homerun...or the one time I saw Sax hit a homerun..and on and on
  • Perfect Setting and design...unlike every other stadium, Dodger stadium is actually partially built into a hillside making it unique...it is only 2 miles from the downtown civic center but is built into a natural oasis, Chavez Ravine, providing spectacular views of the foothills and San Gabriel mountains beyond.
  • Roger the Peanut Man....since before Dodger Stadium going back all the way to the colesseum Roger Owens has been tossing peanuts at Dodger Stadium in the Loge Level from directly behind homeplate out to the left field side...he is a fixture at the park and has entertained people for generations.
  • Vin Scully....Every night you can look up and be comforted by the sight of Vinny announcing a game in his press box
  • The Uniforms...I remember as a kid at night games looking at the clear almost glowing pristine white of the uniforms with the brillant Blue and thinking how cool they are...The Dodgers being only one of a handful of teams in MLB to not change their uniforms, I still can look at the brilliance of them
  • Nancy B Hefly...The Dodger stadium organists role has been reduced in recent years but I challenge you to find a better one anywhere!
  • Simple to park for free....Shhhhhh don't tell anyone but it is very easy to navigate outside the stadium...I have about 5 different locations where I can park for free.
  • 30 miles from my doorstep.......Traffic heading north to south from Santa Clarita isn't that bad believe it or not
  • The fans....In recent years especially we have a core group of diehards that always around....we don't tolerate giants fans and other fans running their mouths, nor should we....There is nothing better than cheering a Manny grandslam with 50 thousand others like I saw in person against the Reds, and is so far the moment of the season.
  • Deitrich....my season ticket guy is awesome, patient and accomodating.
  • Frank McCourt...since buying the team the Dodgers have made the playoffs 3 times and are headed into a fourth in a few weeks.
  • Dodger Dogs.....The most famous food of any ballpark, in any sport, anywhere.
  • The most beloved location in all of Los Angeles...Everyone goes to Dodger games if you live in Southern California you most likely have been there and enjoyed yourself
  • Opening Day....there is nothing like opening day at Dodger Stadium...it is as close to a holiday as we have here in LA

I have tickets to almost every remaining game this season and if they clinch the NL West at home I will be on hand to see it, and I will be at all the playoff games this year...it's gonna be awesome!


Brett said...

mmmmm.... doddddggggerrrrr dogggssss....

...I confess, Dodger Dogs alone could get me to go to more games.

dole2obama said...

A few more reasons to love Dodger stadium:

*Garrett no longer wears his earphones and actually talks to his brother during the game

*The periodic salute to Dodger legends: think video tributes to Vin Scully, Fernando, Koufax, etc

*Frozen yougurt in a Dodger helmet. (Gotta get one every year)

*Doing the wave! I love to stand for the wave and watch how annoyed Garrett gets.

*No clock, you could be down by 4 runs and still have a chance. (If you leave early you might just miss something, or so I have heard)

*Dodger stadium and the beach are the two places that I have gone to every summer for 33 years.

Grandma Dee said...

Garrett (and Matt), you are true Dodger fans. So glad your dad got his season tickets so many years ago and that he could share that with you. I, too, have some great memories from there, not to exclude Vin, Roger, Steve Sax (there and at karate), Dodger dogs, and of course, needlepointing at a game.
Hope the Dodgers go all the way this year!
Lv ya,

Bible Thumpin' Mike in Utah said...

The low hum of Vin Scully's voice through out the stadium.

That was one of my favorite things the few times i have gotten to go.

My first time I drove all night from Oroville, slept at a rest stop on the grape vine, woke up in snow, drove the rest of the way. Got to Dodger Stadium 7 hours early, it was sunny, warm and I walked every level for 7 hours just in awe of where I was. After the game, I got in I-5 and drove home through the night to Oroville.

BTW, I passed my real estate exam today. If anyone is in need of a home in Southern Utah, you can reach me at Century 21!!

Bible Thumpin' Mike in Utah said...

Sunday Aug 30th I will be in Long Beach to preach at Living Word Missionary Baptist Church. The Dodgers will be in Cincinatti!!! I think I may stop by Dodger Stadium Monday morning before I drive back to Utah just to see the greated ballpark around. Do they keep the store on the upper level open all week?

Bible Thumpin' Mike in Utah said...

sorry, that was

Greatest Ballpark around