Friday, April 18, 2008

3 Brothers playing at Mammoth Mountain

Matt took these videos with his digital camera...and I punched them up a little using my mad  skills....enjoy


Brett said...
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Brett said...

I saw this about 10 minute ago and I thought it was good. I saw it again 1 minute and I think it is one of the most important digital shorts of all time. This is a short that actually reinvented the form of movie making in terms of caption effects. But it is not just a caption effects deals with themes and emotions, the story is visual and told with minimal dialogue. It is a quick hypnotizing journey, one that is very disturbing, and very shaky, yet at times you are the middle of your seat. It is a compilation of different acts, that deal with humans in need of evolution, gondola travel, greater intelligence, and yes quantam physics. At the face of it some people may find this original and cool, but I thought it was weird.
The plot of 3 Brothers at Mammoth is almost unimportant, in fact this is a short where if someone were to ask me, "What's it about" I would say, "it's about tacos!" But I don't want to give anything away.
The movie has 3 humans inside a hibernation chamber (or a 'gondola'). One of them MAT seems to be chatting with another Gare - and MAT is admiring one of Gare's drawings. But later MAT begins to exhibit feelings of human neuroses, which ultimately lead to him feeling threatened and drive him to his only option, he must terminate the Gare by encouraging him to go down 'Huevos Grandes.' Guys this part of the short is so genius and brilliant that it gives me chills even now writing it...anyways... Just before MAT "cuts" he reverts to his basic operational program which is to use the term"Slappy, Go-Jacky". Later Gare goes through a Stargate, or wormhole, or maybe he drives an Accord and travels faster then the speed of light. And this is when we see the films is cut and editted (most likely on a Mac from the mad skills demonstrated) Gare reaches the end of his journey and is ultimately reborn as "The Garbonzo Brother" who may be the next jump in evolution perhaps? No one knows, probably not even Warren Miller the director of most great ski movies.
Like all of Garrett's shorts, it gets better with the first two viewings, and then dramatically starts to lose its luster. It is also interesting that this is a movie that I liked so much better at when I was ten minutes older at 33 than at ten minutes younger at 33. For whatever reason....Some digital shorts can acheive the highest form of visual art and this one knocks it out of the park!
I hope I didn't give anything away, if I did, I am sorry Phil.

Brett said...

Okay.... I need to make another comment.... and to be honest, it has nothing to do with your post. But I don't have a blog and I need to have a cathartic rant. It is freaking April 19th and it is SNOWING! We have already had about an inch of snow since 6:00 am and I am NOT pleased! Last Saturday it was 80 degrees and the neighborhood kids were running in the sprinklers together welcoming Spring with joy and happiness. Today we need to find their snow clothes so they can go make a snowman. Seriously! What the....? SNOW! APRIL! Almost May.

Okay - I'm done.... do you have a guest room?

Sandy said...

Garrett, really enjoyed the video of your time in Mammoth. Sorry the snow was not very good.
Love ya, Sandy