Monday, April 21, 2008

"All of the buildings, all of the cars"

"All of the buildings all of the cars, were once just a dream in somebodys head"
==Peter Gabriel 'Mercy Street'

You know what's fascinating about nearly everything that we have around us?  Everything came out of the ground!  This computer I am typing on, started from people figuring out how to manipulate natural resources.  This picture of Downtown Los Angeles, the buildings and everything in it came out of the ground!!!

Evolution shows that we evolve from simple to complex....we didn't start out this way...we had to learn through systematic attempts...sucesses and failures.  20,000 years ago, we had nothing even close to this, we were too worried about survival, and day to day necessities.  But we have actually learned to build these buildings  and 

we landed on the moon and returned safely to earth six times, just because we wanted to. And in about 2025, we will have set foot on Mars.  This is a great time to be alive!  Look around you when you are driving, at the streets, the buildings, the electrical wires overhead.  It is all really cool if you try to imagine that everything that we have now started from a wild natural state.  


bob riley said...

As devastating as global warming "might" be, we may also be at a point in our evolution that we can actually focus on trying to preserve our environment rather than extracting everything from it. There was a great segment on NBC (or CNN) on the committment by the government of Sweeden to actually eliminate any need for oil by 2020. Amazing to think how that could alter our world if we could lead that effort (and I know, stop driving LandCruisers).

Brett said...

Interesting. I just have one question... 'in whose head was life a dream before it was?'


Very interesting Garrett. Your writing's and subjects so far are very diverse and makes for good thinking and conversation. I posted a messeage on your Alcohol subject but I don't see it there anymore. Perhaps Mennis posting a message from the same address deleted mine. Anyway great topics.
Love ya