Thursday, April 24, 2008

I don't believe in god anymore

Many of you already know this, but I thought I would write at least one post about it.   I was raised in a christian home and was a strong bible believing christian up until the mid nineties when I began questioning a lot of things.  I wrote a very long story about my journey and my reasoning, which if you want I can e-mail to you.  I now consider myself an Atheist, which is somebody who has a lack of belief in a supernatural deity.  Most people are atheist in principle regarding the existence of thor, zeus, jupiter, mithras, etc.   I just take it one god further.  As to my philosophy of life, I am a "secular humanist"  That means I uphold reason, ethics, and justice and I specifically reject the supernatural and the spiritual as warrants of moral reflection and decision making.  I champion rationalism over ancient superstitions.  I believe that concepts need to be tested using reason and the scientific method, rather than "taken by faith"  

So anyways, there it is....if you want to know more (and there is so much more), just ask me, I LOVE to talk about this stuff!!


Tasha Riley said...

Wait, when did this happen? You're just telling me now, on your blog?????


Hmmmmmmmmmmmm................I am waiting to hear what Brett has to say. Love ya Garrett

Brett said...

Actually Susan Garrett and I have been discussing this... and with a decent amount of passion I might add. :)

If Garrett wants to post that or forward you the email, I would be fine with that.


Grandma Dee said...

Tasha, You are a hoot. Not to mention, a good sport and a wonderful daughter-in-law.
You both Rock!