Friday, April 18, 2008

Christopher Walken on SNL


Brett said...

Maybe if you put googlie eyes on your blog more people would feel comfortable with it and post comments. Maybe people just don't know where they stand with your blog. So why don't you put googlie eyes on your blog for people who are scared of blogs?

By the way can you add a 'none of the above - they are all hacks' option to your presidential poll? If you do, I will answer.


Garrett said...

I put googlie eyes on my poll so now you can vote, because you know where you stand

Grandma Dee said...

I think you should put googlie eyes on low-profile bridges like the San Mateo and Richmond bridges. Those bridges scare the heck out of me. Not much scares me while driving, but imagine being on the bridge if the tide really rises and there is a storm. You could run right off the bridge into the water.
By the way, very clever with the video. I loved it, especially the pink and yellow bromeliad.
I cannot wait to see what you do with this blog. What a hoot! See you tomorrow.
Love, Denise