Monday, November 3, 2008

Grabbaggar voting guide

(I am only highlighting the big ones ) 

Obama for President (all American Citizens)

McKeon for Congress (if you live in his district)

(Statewide initiatives if you live in California)

Yes on 1A
Yes on 2
yes on 3
No on 4
No on 5
Yes on 6
Yes on 7
NO ON 8!!
yes on 9
Yes on 10
yes on 11
Yes on 12

And if you live in LA County..

Yes on R

I encourage everyone to get out there and vote!!!!


Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

I encourage everyone who has a clue as to what they are voting for to get out and vote.

Repress the Vote !!!

I always say.
I would even encourage a basic test before your registration is valid. ID's too, wahoo lets keep those poor dumb folks out of the booth. OK that was too much. I have voted twice in Utah now including the primaries. They have the electronic voting system. In NorCal we always had the good old fill in the bubble.
I hate the electronic system. I know it is in my mind, but it really does feel like your votes is being tallied. You make all your selections hit vote and poof it is all gone with nothing to show for it. Did my write in vote for me for Utah Governor count? I have no idea.


Every State in the U.S. should require a person who casts their vote to show some form of I.D. It still amazes me that here in Calif. that it is not required. The next four years I am going to be working very hard to try and change things to have every State require I.D. to vote and also to try and get rid of early voting. I firmly believe that early voting opens up the flood gates for potential voter fraud. What happenend to the good old days when we had all Primaries on one day and all
Elections on the same day. With absentee voting there is no excuse why someone cannot vote before they go to work, at their lunch hour or after work. Same goes with people attending college. There is alot that can change in the course of a campaign that can make someone who cast an early vote want to change their vote. BUT the way things are now if you vote early you are STUCK with that vote no matter what. love ya, Susan

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

First a correction. I meant to say that it does not feel like you are voting on the new machines.

Second, I agree. ID is needed. Here in utah that is one thing i do like about voting. You MUST show government issued ID and if your address on the ID does not match your voting address you do not vote. They have also asked me to verify my B-day, I guess to see if I know what the ID says.

Brett said...

Mike, when you say you have now voted twice in Utah, I hope you mean in separate elections... sorry I am from Washington and the State Seal here says 'vote early and vote often...' :) The second, slightly less well known motto is stolen form Monty Python's Holy Grail and it is 'bring out your dead [on election day]'

Seriously, I agree with Mike. Voting is a privilege not an obligation. Don't vote just to vote, vote because you have studied the issues and want to say something.

BTW - and I know this is going to really get everyone upset. I am all for requiring property ownership for voting like the good 'ol days. Hoo-ahh!