Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"The 1000 dollar Duck"

This past Sunday we noticed that our ceiling was dripping after we ran the bath in the boys bathroom.  After further inspection we noticed that there was a slight bowing in the ceiling as well in the shape of a circle with about a 3 foot diameter.  

OK so we have AAA homeowners Insurance with a 1000 dollar deductible.  We noticed the leak stopped when we turned off the bathtub, and said to myself that we can wait until monday to call Tasha called them monday morning and then they set the nonsense in motion...First guy who shows up is the "wetness detector and drier" actually these are two guys armed with a infared scanner.."Yep you have wetness there"   We don't do anything else you see...we aren't the plumbers, and we aren't the "leak detector" we just "find wetness"   Oh and  before we can go any environmental guy needs to come out (he came this morning and it took him 5 minutes) to take samples of our drywall for asbestos because our house is about 40 years old....So then this afternoon the actual leak detector...."he finds the leak"  Doesn't fix it, nope he just finds it.    So here is where it gets fun folks..If your not sitting down at this point feel free to do so...if you have a cocktail go ahead and drink it....cause you aint gonna believe what happens next.  The leak detector goes into our crawl area in our upstairs closet after turning on the water....he then yells to me to turn it off which I do.....then he walks over to the bathroom and takes the toy duck off of the bathtub faucet.....asks me to turn the water back on...looks for a bit..then walks back to me and says the three most emotionally staggering words I have heard in my life since... "It's a boy" 


Now I am not normally prone to a foul tongue...but as this realization came to me I looked at him and said "You gotta be F'ing kidding me"  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the realization of my stupidity!  You see folks, this toy duck fits over the bathtub faucet to protect the boys (they probably don't even need it anymore)  But in order to activate the stopper that turns the shower on you have to turn the duck around and in doing so you reverse some of the water and send it back through the wall and thus drip out of our ceiling.  

We already have the claim this point for these three guys alone the cash price is around 700-800 bucks  so we will continue on and get the wetness dried and the ceiling fixed....and I just spent 1000 dollars because of a toy duck.  

If I have learned anything from this it is one thing........




Garrett said...

Things I could have done with 1000 dollars....

**Upgraded to a complete 81 game season ticket package for the Dodgers

**Bought a 50 in panasonic 1080P

**Bought a new macbook

**Tasha and I could have taken a 3 day Mexican Cruise

**A really nice suit from Hugo Boss

**Gone to 10 Laker games

**Tasha and I could have flown to Hawaii

**Bought 2000 more bathtub ducks

mike in Utah said...

I have a hard time visualizing how exactly the duck was able to make the water go into the wall, even with the description. Please make a video and post it so I dont do the same thing. At least we have no need for an asbestos guy. Our house is only 3 years old. We only have to deal with bad, cost cutting design. They dont make em like they used to.

Serenity NOW said...

Looks like the Anaheim Ducks have taken a nose dive into your walls like their owner's have taken a nose dive into prison. Sorry for your problems and hope all will be o.k. At least there won't be any time served. Love ya, susan

Rochelle said...

Well if it makes you feel any better... when I took a shower in the boys bathroom, the duck protected my knees from hitting the metal faucet!

Paula said...

I feel your pain, my son!!! That is a very expensive little duck. Sorry that had to happen to you and Tasha.

Love you, Mom

Grandma Dee said...

This is just such a great story. Sad, but funny all in one. You will always remember this one. Hang in there! Love you, Denise