Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mammoth Vacation 2008

Its day five up here in Mammoth and we have gotten in some good skiing.  The picture of Tasha is standing at the Cornice run....you can see right behind her the black diamond indicator...(no we didn't ski down it we went down the backside)

The other picture is one that I took near the top of chair three as you are coming down into McCoy station...I always liked the view from that part of the run..it looks like you are coming out of the clouds....

Matt, Tasha, Dad, Mom, Jeff and the Boys went to "Sledz" yesterday and Kevin and Zach had a blast.  Zach had a spectacular fall out of his innertube, his nose is a little bruised but he is OK.  He wanted to keep going after that.  Kevin was flying down the hill and wants to know when we can go again. 

 The weather is perfect after 5 straight days of snow we get about 7 straight days of bright blue skies.  And the snow conditions are great.


Serenity NOW said...

Super, Awesome and so happy that you are having a GREAT Mammoth experience. Love you all, Susan, Mennis & Namie

Serenity NOW said...

P.S. Hope Zachie's nose is o.k. That's great that he wanted to go right back to the tube after taking such a fall. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

Love you all, Susan

Paula said...

What a fantastic time we all had!! The best part was all of us being together. The weather was amazing...bright blue skies everyday and lots of snow to play in. We couldn't have had a better vacation!

Love you, Mom