Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oatmeal Update

Well folks today I did not go the Costco in Canoga, or the one in Porter Ranch because this morning I got a physical and let me tell you it was the works.....Sonia was the NP who performed a digital prostate exam on me..she gave me a choice, "you can either drop your pants and bend over the table, or you can lay on the table on your side with one of your legs pulled up to your chest"  I told Sonia that I would prefer to opt for choice number 1....well it wasn't too bad, one of the benefits of having a woman perform the procedure is that their fingers are smaller.  So I checked out ok, Sonia told me my prostate felt normal, just like a pencil eraser.    Now on to the blood work I am "fasting" and I begin to feel a little lightheaded after they fill up the fourth vial with my blood....(Incidentally I have never 'fasted' because of Jesus, but I can see how you may feel it is a religious experience because of how lightheaded you are)  I broke out into a cold sweat and started in with a little nausea, It was the last thing and I just wanted to get out of there.....So I am driving on the Old Rd to a Subway, when the phone rings and I answer it, and proceed to get lit up by a CHP unit behind me that I never see because I am woosy....I thought I had the perfect excuse but the guy writes me up anyways!   

P.S.  The reason I didn't go to Costco is because I also got a Tetnus shot and it feels like someone punched me in the arm.


Brett said...

Gar, today just doesn't sound like your day. May I suggest you go to bed and try again tomorrow. B

Serenity NOW said...

Could you be a bit more explicit next time Garrett.............I didn't quite get it, ha, ha!! I am still laughing at your discriptions of the "event" exam. Hang in there Buddy. Glad you didn't pass out. However I think the CHP should have cut you some slack. NOW go and get the bluetooth.................cheaper than the ticket I am sure. Love ya, Susan

P.S. On the 15th I have to have my first colonoscopy and I have to start having only liquids for 2 days before AND then the dreaded (from what I hear) giant jug of stuff the night before the exam. I am NOT looking forward to it at all.

namie said...

Garrett I am glad that this day is over for you. I am also glad that everything turned out o.k. with your physical. I am so proud of all the weight that you have lost and your dedication to your goal. Love Namie

Paula said...

What a day, my son! You made me laugh out loud with the story of everything tht happened.
I can't believe they gave you a ticket! How much was it? that we are telling ALL, you will have to let me know how your procedure went. My first one is in January!

Love, Mom

Serenity NOW said...


Why not go with me as this is my first as well. I know that we should have had our first one at age 50 but we both know how Scorpio's are. Let me know if you want to double-colonoscopy... :)!
See you on Monday. Love, Susan

Grandma Dee said...

Garrett, you describe it so well that it is like we are all there with you. Thankfully, for you and for us we weren't. I learned something about the exams, did not know the different positions or about the pencil eraser analogy. I know you will have done so well on your labs. By the way, I went to Costco yesterday and not a Kirkland Oatmeal box anywhere in sight. Sorry, buddy. Love, Denise