Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Newhall Institution sadly has fallen

A picture of Joe in Final Score (notice the Hart high wall of fame)

I just learned today that "The Final Score" a Newhall landmark since 1979 has gone out of business. This neighborhood sandwich/pizza/pasta restaurant was located very near the intersection of Lyons and orchard village. It was run by "Joe" a brooklyn transplant who was a great guy and prided himself on the quality of his food, (it was great) and his sponsorship of all things Hart High athletics. He had about 50 team pictures on the wall going back to the 70's of the Hart baseball/football/basketball/swiming/ you name it. I feel very bad for Joe, even if I hadn't been there in a while in favor of my Subway in a bit of sad irony (I think the 5 dollar footlong is what killed his restaurant) The SCV signal our local paper just did a feature on him two weeks ago for the 30 anniversary! All I can say is, "Joe, I'm sorry, if I would have kept the weight on maybe I could have helped save your place!"

To read the article Google "Final Score Newhall" (sorry blogger doesn't let you paste in content)


Serenity NOW said...

Too bad. Sign of the times I guess.