Friday, April 10, 2009


This Sunday is "Easter" when we celebrate Bunnies, eggs, and the vicarious atonement (limited or unlimited depending on what flavor you subscribe to) of our particular "Savior"

But were it not for an interesting turn in history we could have been celebrating other Saviors, all who predated the christian one...lets look at a few shall we?.......

Mithra (600 BC) Born of a virgin. celebrated on 12/25, was slain upon a cross in persia as an atonement to all mankind celebrated on the vernal equinox

Attis (200 BC) born of a virgin in Phyrgia, was hanged on a tree, died and rose again and was called "Father God"

Buddha (600 BC) born of a virgin, performed miracles, was crucified, decended in Hades to suffer for 3 days and then ascended into Heaven

Krishna (1200 BC)Born of a virgin, visited by gift bearing wise men, performed miracles and was crucified

Quexalcote (587 BC) Born of a virgin, fasted for 40 days, was baptised by water, was crucified on a cross next to two theives, put to death, buried, descended into hell, and resurrected on the third day

Horus (1550 BC) Born of a virgin, received gifts from 3 kings, was crucified on a cross

Adonis (2000 BC) Born of a virgin named Ishtar (Easter) was crucified and resurrected

Quirinus (506 BC) Born of a virgin, crucified and the whole earth was enveloped in darkness

Indra (725 BC) Born of a virgin, could walk on water or air, could see the future, was crucified and ressurected


Pauly said...

Well, you better pray to all of them just to cover your arse.

Garrett said...

Wise words indeed Paul...wise words indeed

Serenity NOW said... to leave this one alone.

love ya, Susan