Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why Subway is so sucessful

You wanna get something quick reasonably healthy and good for the money? Well step into the land of Subway. With their 5 dollar footlong promo they have put a serious dent in Quiznos and other competitors. And here is why....the franchises are staffed well, they are efficient friendly and quick. I can walk into a subway, see 10 people in line ahead of me and know that I am gonna get my 6 inch turkey and ham in 5 minutes. I walk out of there happy and I know that I have not succumbed to disgusting fast food that gives me a broad moon face, man tits, and other assorted prizes. But I digress...here is one heads up for everyone..sometimes every footlong is 5 bucks, but sometimes it isn't and they go back to their "core 8" This causes confusion all the time because people believe that every footlong sub is always 5 bucks. Like today in Lancaster there was a very old man and a very old woman and bless their hearts they were sharing a footlong...come to the end of the line when he is rung up and the kid says that'll be $6.50 well the man says, "Excuse me I thought it was five dollars" and the kid says "Well sir that doesn't include your sandwich, the footlongs for 5 dollars are listed here" (points to a sign) Well anyways, I don't think this gentlemen bless his heart heard the kid, because when you are old you can't hear so well....and his wife starts squawking at him..."I thought it was five dollars...what d ya mean they don't have it anymore? They still have the sign up!" I had to turn my head and smile because these type of occurances are so funny to me! Anyways, I also have a subway card that I can reload all the time...I'll put $100 bucks on it every few weeks and voila....when it is near the 100 dollar mark and the employees hand me back my receipt with a credit of $84.17 on it they think I am a freakin weirdo! And they are right!


Serenity NOW said...

How dare you tell the story 'bout Sue and I on our visit to Lancaster.

Brett said...

Thanks Jarett.... er I mean Gared.... er.... who are you?

Serenity NOW said...

I love subway's and think they are a great value. Garrett, you would be a great spokes person for how to lose weight on a 6 inch subway.

Love ya,