Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Ipod Shuffle Family

(Me wearing my new Shuffle, walking from 24 hour fitness to go mill around Costco for the 1,00th time, during a beautiful day in Santa Clarita)

Apple has an array of Ipods...the classic, the touch, the iphone, the nano and the Shuffle.

I have had a shuffle for years now because it is perfect for working just clips on my shirt and is is almost as light as a penny. I bought Tasha one two christmases ago to work out, and I received an extra one from CareCredit for being a good sales rep. So I gave my old one to Kevin. Then for Zachs birthday he (seeing that Kevin had one) wanted one too, so he used his birthday money to get one. (Actually he got my CC one and I got the new 4GB one with the in headset controls) Crazy huh all the Rileys have Ipod Shuffles, and Kevin and Zach absolutely love theirs!

I also find that I no longer need my Ipod classic since my Iphone being 16GB works out just fine, and the shuffle is more than enough for working out. I posted my Ipod Classic for sale on Craigslist for $175 bucks. Anyone want to buy it?

P.S. I recomend the following to everyone....
1. Put all your music on Itunes on your primary computer...and setup a home networked music system just like me, it is very easy.
2. Put 15 GB of music onto your Iphone so you can play it in the car etc.
3. Buy an Ipod Shuffle for working out
(There is really no need for anyone to buy a Nano, a Classic, or a Touch)


Serenity NOW said...

This is an amazing world with the technology that continues to boggle my mind. Grandpa would never believe how far tech. has come in the past several years.
Glad Zachie now has an IPOD too.

Love you all, Susan

Brett said...


You are mostly correct. There is a possible use for a Touch. If someone wants a good iPod but doesn't want to pay for the data plan through AT&T, then the Touch is superior to the Classic or the Nano because of the interface, the built-in PDA, and the larger widescreen for viewing. Of course the iPhone is a clearly better choice, but there could be a need for the Touch.

Next, I see the benefit of the Shuffle, but when I work out, I just use the iPhone and an arm band. Granted it weighs more than a penny, but I already own it. Also for those who run outside of buildings it is nice to have a phone with you if you get hurt or need to call in a UFO sighting. Also its has the beauty of workout apps that use GPS to track your workout, calculate your pace, how many calories you burned, map where you went and then upload it all to a server that keeps track of everything for you.


Grandma Dee said...

Of course you would have a family of "Shufflers." It is so cute to see the boys singing to theirs on Tasha's site. And, thanks to Brett for bringing up the workout apps. I will need to upload those. Just yesterday I was playing with my iPhone and discovering yet again more of its tricks. Gotta love that tech. Love, Grandma Dee