Monday, November 16, 2009

Garretts XM Radio Update

Most of you know that I am a gadget freak (good gadgets, not the crap you find in brookstone) Among those that I have had since 2003 is XM Satellite Radio. I love the fact that it instantly makes FM Radio nearly obsolete (and with continuous commercial free traffic and weather updates it pretty much makes AM obsolete as well) Since it is Satellite based all you need is a view of the sky and you will always get a clear signal...whether you are on the top of Mt Whitney or Sailing in the Puget Sound of Washington, your signal never fades. (Check it I've been to both those aforementioned places) With the merger with Sirius the service has gotten better as more content has been added. I now enjoy radio access to every game broadcast in the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and most PGA, ATP, and Nascar events if I am so inclined....I also get the live audio feed of CNN and Fox News...and so much more!!

As I said before with the advent of the Iphone I figured that XM would be obsolete as free services like Pandora took over......BUT!!!!......even though Pandora is free it is subject to frequent dropouts. It is only as good as the network, and ATT's 3g network is subject to shoddy coverage, frequent dropouts, and terrible sound quality. But XM is not subject to that at all....your sound quality is as good in the heart of downtown Los Angeles as it is in Furnace Creek, Death Valley. Or if you are taking Lincoln tunnel into Manhattan, you will still get coverage because XM has repeaters installed!! But why all this renewed love for satellite radio you ask? Simple....The XM Skydock for Iphone!!!!..That's right folks there is now a piece of hardware that plugs into your cigarette lighter that turns your iphone into a full featured XM Radio! with all the benefits of the 3.5 inch touch it works beautifully.....So here now are Garrett's top 10 favorite music channels for XM Satellite Radio.....

Number 10: The Joint--Pure Reggae Music
Number 9: Real Jazz
Number 8: Willies Place--Old School Country, none of the Nashville crap
Number 7: The Pulse---Adult Contemporary Hits
Number 6: Lithium--Classic Alternative Hits
Number 5: Classic Vinyl---Early Classic Rock
Number 4---1st Wave---Classic 80's Alternative
Number 3---The 80's on 8----80's pop Hits
Number 2------Classic Rewind--Later Classic Rock
and the Number 1 channel is
SIRIUS XM CHILL--This is a Genre known as Chill Music and it is unique and very cool.

PS. If you have Sirius XM, what Channels do you listen to? And if you don't have it yet...what are you a weirdo!? Go to Best Buy and get it! Sheesh!!


Tasha Riley said...

XM Kids, Radio Disney, Oprah Radio, and The Message. That's what you programed in for me and I have no idea how to program others in....

Brett said...

Wait... FM radio is still around... cool...

Okay, I don't have XM because I am utterly cheap. I can just take my iPod in the car and listen to whatever I want... yes... I am that cheap... I don't want to subscribe to radio. I don't even subscribe to TV anymore... I just watch everything off the interweb. That's how cheap I am. So there!

Garrett said...

Lol babe...I'll program you anything you want,,,in fact I'll program you the moon! Do you want the moon? Just say the word and I'll lasso it down for ya.,,and then you could swallow it and have moonbeams shining out of you.