Monday, November 23, 2009

Mike Faulkner talks baseball

This is a first for Grabbaggar....ladies and gentlemen here is a guest post from "Baptist Mike in Utah"

Hello everyone,
I just thought I would jot this down with the recent announcment of Joe Mauer winning the AL MVP nearly unanimously.
I read through a few articles on the selection and it comes down to one thing. He is a catcher who put up big numbers, but it really seems to be more of a vote for David instead of Goliath thing. The small market Twin, should get it over the large market Yankees. I keep reading that the Twins and Mauer made the playoffs against all odds with a small payroll etc etc. But they Twins are not a surprise they have been in the midst of the playoffs for several years now. They also act as though his numbers as a CATCHER are what makes him so terrific.
.365, 28 HR, 96 RBI, 94 Runs. Very good (actually great) for a catcher, but unheard of???
95' Piazza
.346, 32, 93, 82
96' Piazza
.336, 36, 105, 87
97' Piazza
.362, 40, 124, 104
99' Piazza
.303, 40, 124, 100
00' Piazza
And so on, you can add a few more great years in there as well. Had Mauer not been injured in April, he would not be the MVP. His HR's had dipped along with his average over the season. Over a full season, he would not have caught Piazza 1997 numbers except maybe runs scored. Piazza was never elected MVP because of his position, he was beat by Larry Walker in Colorado, or many of the Sosa, Big Mac, Bonds, chemically enhanced 60+ HR seasons.
Why is Mauer being voted MVP because of his position as a catcher. Does that make him more valuable than other players??
We have gotten into a wierd time in MLB where we look at players in categories rather than as the whole player. We have Hall of Famers that are the "Greatest lead off hitter" is that a position?? I know Ricky is deserving with all of his numbers, but the labelking is getting out of hand. Jeff Kent is mentioned for his numbers as a second baseman. What if he played third or first, is he no longer a "great"?? Piazza will benefit in a few years from this odd way of categorizing a player. Many closers will make the HOF based on their number of saves, but will there ever be a place for the set up guy? Maybe "holds" will have meaning someday. I am sure we will see the DH "position" honored in the HOF. I would like to figure out the stats and see who the best number 8 hitter in baseball is and put him in there. We know Rickey has more leadoff HR's than anyone, what about the obsure scrawny speedster playing short stop who happens to have the most HR's in the number 8 spot in history. Or the pitcher who extended more innings than any other in history with 2 outs and avoided killing a rally.
I applaud the year Mauer had, but is he the best? Is he the Most Valuable? Would he be as valuable at 3rd base with the same numbers??
Kirk Gibson did not have the best numbers in 1988, but was the leagues MVP. Not because of the numbers he posted in LF, but because of what he did for the team, the league, and all involved in the crowds.
Mike Faulkner


Serenity NOW said...

Wow..........very detailed post by MIke.
Love ya, Susan

Bible Thumpin' Mike in Utah said...

Well it is an honor to be posted on the grabbaggar. I am sorry for my grammar and spelling.

I guess my main point was we have become a society that tries to hard to even the playing field. We feel it is our duty to make things fair or just by this way of categorizing a player.

Last year Dustin Pedroia won the AL MVP and I heard more reasoning about it being due to him being 5'9" 170 lbs than for his numbers.
Or Tim Lincecum, would he have won a second Cy Young this year if he were 6'4" 223 lbs??

When we have to contsantly back up why we do something with irrellevent things, it becomes less doubtful that we actually did justice to the matter.