Saturday, November 14, 2009

Church update*** by Popular Demand!!

Well folks we just got the "expense v giving" report from our church and Tasha joined me in wondering why they need an average of 140 thousand dollars per month. It seems that there is another "one time gift day" tomorrow that people will be guilted into once again. If someone is having a problem with giving because they are anxious about their financial problem, just pray to God and he will make it all better. Coincidentally it seems that the more pain caused by giving is directly proportional to our rewards in heaven. How about that!!

Here is what is taken directly from the website....(for any lurkers on my site that have not been steeped in the culture of evangelicalism.....enjoy...those who are already will find this very familiar.) And please whatever money you feel guilted into giving...send it to the "Make a Wish Foundation"

Second Aspect of this One-day offering will stretch all of us…but I am convinced that everyone can participate if you want to. What we want to challenge you to do is ask, "God, what do you want me to give above and beyond my regular giving to this one day offering that will be used to further our ministry in the SCV?"

Some of us can give a very significant gift…others have already begun to think creatively about how they can give above and beyond their regular giving. Example: Gold Coin…maybe you could have a garage sale, or clean out your storage unit, do some handyman work, one woman had a boutique at her home.

For those of you who feel as if there is no way you can give. We want you to pray that God will make it possible for you to give in ways that will blow you away.

Prayer - Today we are very sensitive to the fact that there are those of you who are going through difficult financial times…you might be hurting today. Even talking about giving is painful to you. Some of you need a financial miracle. You may be facing a crisis and we want to pray for you…If that describes you I am going to ask you to pray with me.

"Father, as a church family we want to pray for those who are facing some kind of financial stress or difficulty in their life. They are hurting, confused and don’t know what to do! God you know exactly what they’re facing. Would you help them to feel your love and the prayers of their church family around them. You know our hurts and you know our fears. You know our struggles and our sins, our loneliness, our pain.

For those here who are hurting may they experience relief. May they sense your presence in their pain
n. It is your desire that they learn to trust you with what they have. Thank You that you love us. Thank You that You hear our prayers. And thank You in advance for the answers that are already on the way. In Jesus' name, Amen."


Serenity NOW said...

Hard to comprehend on this end.
Love ya, Susan

dole2obama said...

How much has the pastor cut his salary?

Garrett said...

I don't have any idea....but I think he takes in at least 100K a year.....the brilliance of it is that so many people do things for the church for free because of course you are actually "serving God"