Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Over

********SPOILER ALERT*******************

The Twilight Zone for our generation has finally come to an end. Lost went out last night in beautiful, poignant fashion.

From the very first frame of the pilot episode (Close up on Jacks eye opening) I was hooked on this show. I can't ever remember a show that has captivated so many, and frustrated so many. Shot on location entirely in Hawaii the show was beautifully filmed , and "The Island" held so many secrets that enthralled millions of people. But beyond the "mystery" what made the show great was that it was a great character study. Everyone, Jack, Hurley, Locke, Kate, Sawyer, Sun and Jin, Michael, Walt and Sayid had rich and fascinating back stories.

Have you ever read a great mystery novel? If you're like me you'll agree that sometimes whats the most fun about these stories is when you don't know the answer. Many times it is much more fun to use your imagination. I have read zillions of books that were let downs at the end once the bad guy was revealed. What was so great about Lost was that whenever a question was answered, a new one or new ones were introduced. This happened most famously in the series at the end of season 3 when the "Flash Forwards" were introduced and the entire series reshuffled itself in perfect fashion.

So on to last night...why did I like it so much? Because it didn't answer every question!! It left me feeling very satisfied at the end though...and here is the final Jack collapses and is dying.....Vincent the Yellow Lab...runs up to him licks his face and then sensing trouble, he lays down next to him to comfort him in his dying breaths....Close up on Jacks eye...and it closes....fade to black.


Brett said...

I agree Garrett. One of the crazy things about Lost for me is that I haven't been frustrated by the lack of answers. Yes, at times I have felt like shouting and begging them to just tell me... but in the end it stimulates your imagination in a way that answers never can. It was like the end of Seinfeld... what you wanted in a finale was so impossible that there was no way for them to win. Had Lost neatly tied everything together no one would have been happy...

...I love J.J. Abrams and hope he has a long and successful career!

dole2obama said...

I have never watched an episode of Lost but I decided to watch the final episode. Can you please call me and explain to me all that happened on the show for the past six years? Thanks-

P.S. Can you also explain The Wire? I only watched the final episode.