Thursday, May 27, 2010

James Carville goes slappy go jacky on Obamas response to BP Oil Spill

Carville vents his disbelief and anger at Obama's reaction to the Oil Spill...very interesting....


Brett said...

Carville brings up some great points.

If I might piggy back on this, I think our president's ratings might also go up if he gave me an iPad and supplied some good filet mingon each Tuesday night... we could call it Presidential Steak Night at the McNeills (PSN for short). He is missing a golden opportunity here to improve his ratings and do the right thing.

And just in case he is reading this blog.... the higher the iPad model, the higher his rating. So a 64gb 3G model would do really well for him in the mid-term elections.... I'm just saying.

dole2obama said...

Wow! I never thought I would live to see the day when "let freedom ring" agrees with the ragin cajun. I am so happy that a supporter of "drill, baby drill" agrees with Carville when he said we "were naive to trust BP". I am also pleased that you agree with Carville when he spoke of the corporate negligence of BP and you feel that the attorney general should file a criminal case against BP. I think this oil spill really exposed the desperate need to have government regulate coastal oil drilling and I am glad you have seen the light. It is imperative to hold business accountable for the environmental devastation they cause in search of the all-mighty dollar. Glad to have you in agreement with big government regulating corporate industry!