Monday, May 10, 2010

Remembering Kristin and Neda

On May 10th, 1984 two 12 year old girls were brutally murdered by a 16 year year old monster. One of the girls, Kristin MacKnight was one year older than myself and went to Riviera Hall with me and my brother up until 5th grade...I have a single memory of her playing in the playground, that I can recall. Her sister Brenda was in my grade and also was in my graduating class at Peninsula.

I repress this event....I've been repressing it for 26 years now....the date MAY 10TH is one thing that triggers the memory...another is a certain song that I cannot listen to was one of the songs playing when I read the newspaper article about it the day after it happened. Last night I was up till midnight and when the date May 10th came on my Iphone..I started to feel sick and angry again...angry that the monster is still alive in Corcoran Prison....I thought about what their lives would have been like....Who would they have married? What would they be doing? They would both be 37 or 38 years old today.

I'll never forget Neda O'Sullivan or Kristin MacKnight.


Brett said...

Can't believe Hindmarsh is still alive and eligible for parole at some point in his sorry existence... where's the justice in that?

Grandma Dee said...

Wow, Garrett, how did I not know about this? I am so sorry to hear it and know that their parents live with this horrible event every day of their lives. You are such a dearly sensitive man. I love that about you.