Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Peter Gabriel Concert

"It’s all too easy in the age of “American Idol” to forget just how profoundly powerful music can be in the hands of an absolute master like Peter Gabriel."------La Times review of the concert

Part two of the Tasha and Garrett Hollywood Bowl summer concert series concluded Friday night with Peter Gabriel, backed by a full orchestra. He is doing something different this time out and forgoing all guitars and drums. The first half of the concert was all fact he played the complete track list of his new CD in order. Then a 15 minute break..then the second half was his classics (every song he has written is pretty much a classic) At 60 years old his signature voice hasn't lost that deep gravelness to it..and his range is intact. But for me I was longing to hear his signature rhythm parts and diverse electronic sounds that are his trademark. So the concert was for his standards a bit of a disappointment..most of the songs were downtempo and very soft.

So next month Tasha and I conclude with part 3 Sting.....who I will be seeing for a record 9th time (Four with the Police and Four solo) I have always thought of Peter Gabriel and Sting equal to each other in songwriting talent.....and the greatest test of many times have I played "Us" or "So" by Gabriel...or "Nothing like the Sun" or "The Soul Cages" by Sting.....countless times folks...countless


Brett said...

Would've loved to be there. Jealous about Sting as well. What is the focus of his tour this year?