Sunday, July 15, 2012


Homosexuality is natural, it is perfectly fine.  Millions of people on the planet today are gay including Anderson Cooper (publicly out)

And arguably the most powerful Gay man in the world, Apple CEO Tim Cook (not yet publicly out, but gay)

Society progresses, many people have no problem with the fact that people are gay, but there are a few exceptions:   namely the evangelical Christian right.  
Unfortunately this group of people that is the majority of folks in the US, continues to use their power to persecute those in the minority, whether it be spreading lies in the prop 8 campaign, or spewing hate. The Bible says a lot of things:  In Leviticus for example it says the following "If a man lies with a man, it is an abomination, they shall be put to death, for their blood shall be upon them."  Riiiight, so good bible believing Christians should advocate killing gay people?  Fair question right?  I myself do not claim to be a bible believer so therefore i am exempt from this proclamation .  I personally feel that it is wrong to kill people for being gay, but that's just me, maybe I'm nicer then god?  

Homosexuality is not a choice, just as being born with blue eyes is not a choice, or being born with genes that make you start to go bald at age 27 is not a choice (yes that's me)  

I wish Anderson Cooper, and Tim Cook all the best regards and goodwill possible in this life, I believe they, and every gay person should have all equal rights that hetrosexuals enjoy.


Mike Jacobs said...

Glad we can stir up the pot and expand our minds a little bit.

denise riley said...

Couldn't agree with you more about the issue of being gay. Good job, Gar.

Patrick Hannan said...

I disagree, I think the most powerful gay man in the world is Rosie O'donnell :)

dole2obama said...

I disagree with Pat, I think the most powerful gay man in the world is Tom Cruise. On the issue of gays and sexuality I believe we have a direct link between repression and hostility. The more a country represses sexuality (see the mid east) than the more angry and warlike the tribe becomes. In the evangelical movement we have countless examples of repressed homosexuals who are full of self loathing and thus denounce the "gay lifestyle" while they fondle and rape little boys. What was the last time a society that was open and tolerant of gay people launched a war? The modern day evangelic movement is full of men who are in denial about their sexuality and lead lives of quiet desperation. Me thinks the church protest too much