Sunday, July 15, 2012

Grabbaggar is Back!!

The Blog is now unlocked, and once again a living breathing thing.  Brother Mike and I were hanging out, B.S. ing with each other tonight and I was reading him some previous posts that I had written.  Folks let me tell you, there were some great and funny posts!  (Humble Brag) I had fenced off my blog life to funnel solely into my tech blog found at, but I want to get back in the game!  Grabbaggar is back and folks, we have a lot to talk about!  First let me give you an update on some of the things that you as previous fans of the blog may be interested in:

  • I am still an Atheist (defined as someone who has a lack of belief in a supernatural deity:  incidentally all my readers are atheists of some sort, you might be an atheist about Mithras, Krishna, Xenu, Visnhu, Zeus, or Jupiter.  Yes I agree with you, I am an atheist about all those deitys, but I am also an atheist with regards to "Yahew" you see folks I take my Atheism "one god further" then you perhaps do.
  • I am going to vote for Obama (But if the Republican party would stop catering to the evangelicals who only care about two issues:  abortion, and gayness, I may once again vote for a GOP candidate)  I am fiscally conservative and off the charts socially liberal
  • I still think that if you are willing to swim in a tank with a 14000 pound Killer Whale, that every once in a while that whale may kill you (can't blame the whale for being a whale)  
  • I have no problem with Peformance Enhancing Drugs (PEDS) in sports.  Sports aint life and death, it's there for our entertainment.

I remain heartbroken over the death of Steve Jobs

I look forward to your great comments as you have done in the past!  Thank you for sticking with me!


Brett said...

Welcome back Gar. My RSS feed shall again be entertained by your presence.

Let Freedom Ring said...

Glad you are back.