Thursday, July 26, 2012

Killer Whales do what they do Part 2

A picture is really worth a thousand words, isn't it folks?  When this incident occured in 2006 at Sea World San Diego, I remember reading about it, and I remember Sea Worlds spin on it.  The whale dragged the trainer underwater multiple times; once for  a minute, and once for 40 seconds.  Sea World said something to the effect that "sometimes whales get in a bad mood"  But when you watch this video, you truly see everything that happened.  Shamu grabs the trainer by his foot and thrashes around with him underwater a few times, the look on the trainers face is amazing, he is remaining calm, holding down panic, not trying to escape to excite the whale.  At the end of the ordeal, he swims to his tail, and when the whale looks the other way, he sprint/swims to the dock, only to look back and see the whale charging after him and trying to get over the net.  At this point, with a burst of adrenaline he leaps up and collapses on his broken foot whilst hurtling himself to safety.

Absolutely amazing.  The video is on the internet in multiple places should you care to google it, the best place I have found for the unedited version that was just released today

Right Here

Here Shamu has the trainer by his foot, there is no escape, it's amazing he let the guy live

can't imagine what was going through the trainers mind at this point

Again, as I posted here years ago, what do people expect?  These whales are meant to be cursing in pods up in the pacific northwest, not confined to small tanks and made to perform circus tricks, it's amazing these things didn't happen more often.  (Since Tillikum killed the trainer in florida a couple years ago, it is no longer permitted to have trainers in the water)


Let Freedom Ring said...

Amazing footage. The trainer was one lucky guy. While the whales are there to entertain us I would much prefer to see them cruising up and down the coast.

Brett said...

Well said.

dole2obama said...

But Garrett you used to love those circus tricks!

Meenakshi said...

Can't really kill their natural instinct...Nice One!