Monday, November 17, 2008

Garrett's Top Five Favorite Albums to listen to.

(These do not necessarily mean my favorite groups or artists, but simply my favorite albums to put on...even in this Itunes world I still like complete albums)  These are non-greatest hits..regular albums

Number 5: So by Peter Gabriel

I have listened to this album forever, it is Peter Gabriel's best and every song is a classic

Number 4:  Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd

Classic, stayed on the charts for longer then any other album in history, a complete concept, sheer brilliance and an absolute masterpiece.  

Number 3: Nothing Like the Sun by Sting

I have worn a hole in my CD player and later my ipod/Iphone listening to this album.  I'll never get tired of is fantastic

Number 2: Selling England by the Pound by Genesis

No other album in the world sounds like this one, it has a totally unique sound, listening to it is like stimulating my brain with auditory oxy-contin.

Number 1: The Joshua Tree by U2

There aren't enough superlatives in the English language for this album.  From the gradual build up in "Where the Streets Have No Name" all the way to the end, it is glorious, every second is the absolute peak of brilliance.  

P.S.  What are your favorite albums to listen to?  


Grandma Dee said...

Garrett, I love that you reap such great joy from music.

Some of my favorite albums to listen to include music from Enya, KennyG, Kenny Chesney, Vivaldi's Four Seasons (I Quattri Stagioni), Kelly Sweet, among others. I love how Enya totally relaxes me, KennyG reminds me of Mammoth, Kenny Chesney reminds me of beach music, Vivaldi reminds me of being back East and driving through the fall colors, Kelly Sweet sings so beautifully that I get tears (and Kevin loves her song that I sing to him). Music makes me think so much of my family. When I was growing up, we would all sit around and listen to it and either sing or dance. Good memories.
Love, Denise

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

I dont really get a lot of enjoyment from music. I like classical music (orchestras) to be on in the background sometimes. But I really always feel like music (songs) leaves me unstimulated. I would prefer to hear people talking, debating, discussions, preaching etc. Music is more of a backroung filler for me.
I am glad you get much more out of it than I do.

dole2obama said...

Big guy-
Here is my top five:

Just for driving:
Tom Petty-Full Moon Fever

If I am driving with a lady friend:
Led Zeppelin 4 (everyone knows that)

If I am driving with my buds after surfing:
Any Bob Marley album (doesn't matter)

If I am driving to Mammoth:
Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson-VH1 storytellers

If I am driving to work:
Rage against the machine-the battle for Los Angeles

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

I think if you asked 100 people the best driving cd without giving a list of choices, most, I mean a large majority would pick "Full Moon Fever"
Cruising with Del while you run down a dream is in the heart of everyone I know.