Sunday, March 15, 2009

The "Amazon Kindle" Iphone App

E-Readers are nothing new, in fact they have been around since they first popped up on Palm OS (remember when Iphones and Blackberrys were called "palm pilots"?). The problem with them has always been the interface, and availability (hurts your eyes and not enough books available). Amazon has solved both those problems with their Kindle 2 which is the best book reader in the world. It uses a revolutionary "true ink technology" and is easy to read. But the problem has always been the price tag. I aint gonna shell out $380 bucks on a book reader!! But hmm wait a second...what if Amazon released a version of their reader onto Iphone for free, and then I could buy and download books for less then what I pay for a physical copy of them? Can you imagine not having to lug the hardback of "The Gate House" by Nelson Demille around, if I happen to be at Staples or Dodger Stadium, I could read my book before games and during intermissions! That is exactly what has happened and I have already finished one book in a few days and have bought said Demille book and am reading it now....So far I have read my book while taking a break from skiing in Mammoth, late at night without having to worry about a book light, or my arms getting tired from propping up a hardback, and so you guys get the idea? This is awesome!!! I can download a zillion books and the interface is great, you never lose your place, and turning the pages is simple intuitive and feels right. I have access to a catalog of 280K books and can download and read the first chapter for free. As soon as a book is released I click a button and start reading it. I like reading books on the Iphone better than reading a paper or hardback, this thing is the ultimate!

New releases are $9.99

Current Paperbacks are $6.39

Classics are mostly free or $.99 at the most


Grandma Dee said...

Garrett, you are always on the cutting edge. I will have to check out this app with my iPhone. Is it through apps? I always carry a book with me wherever I go, just so I can take advantage of time I have to wait. Much cheaper than buying a book.